Level Up Your Gifting Game With These Gift Ideas For Father's Day


Level Up Your Gifting Game With These Gift Ideas For Father's Day

By Anupriya Jamuar 


As easy as fathers are to please, why is gift shopping for Father's Day feel like a treasure hunt? The irony is not lost on you or us, and to save us all some time we’ve decided to make a detailed guide on some of the best gift ideas for Father's Day. Whether you want to gift them something personal or meaningful or something more useful, we’ve narrowed down a list of special gifts that are bound to make your dad happy.


But whether you're celebrating the day with them over a cosy lunch, with a heartfelt card, or just a phone call, take time to let them know how much they mean to you.


To all the amazing dads and to all the people who stepped up like a father when it was needed, we want to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!


Gift ideas for Father’s Day: Fragrances 

Perfumes are a great gift ideanot only will your dad smell amazing, but it will also create a special memory. Every time they spray it on, they remember how much you love them. Pick iconic evening perfumes that will make him stand out at a party or something fresh that he can wear through the day.

Gift ideas for Father’s Day: Grooming must-haves  

A grooming kit is definitely the most practical gift idea for Father’s Day. A refreshing aftershave, a nourishing beard oil and balms or a luxurious shave kit for dads who prefer a clean look—all make a practical present for a man who never skips his barber visits. You can choose a set or mix and match from our selection.

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Gift ideas for Father’s Day: Skincare 

Help your dad nail his skincare routine and teach him how to actually care for his mature skin with our selection of holy grail skincare. We suggest products that are rich in peptides and ceramides and have anti-ageing benefits, as well as a cleanser and an SPF to round off the perfect routine—it's never too late to get start taking care of his skin.

Gift ideas for Father’s Day: Hair care

It’s a known fact that men worry about hair thinning and loss with age. So, whether your dad needs help styling a receding hair line or contemplating the silver fox look, the right care and styling products can go a long way in helping him. Take your pick from hair oils, clarifying shampoos and styling gels to boost his hair health and his confidence.

How to choose the right Father’s Day gift for your dad? 

There are different types of gifts you can get for Father's Day. Consider your dad’s interests, his personality and his daily activities to choose the right one for him.

  • For your globetrotting dad: Since we’re sure he is always busy worrying and weighing his travel packs to be under the weight limit on flights, we suggest you find him some practical alternatives, aka travel minis. Minis are great when you’re on-the-go, the small packaging and the light-weight bottle take minimal space and are just as efficient.
  • For the inner sportsman in him: He loves sports, and you can always find him in front of the TV watching another game or on the field playing one. Getting him some refreshing deodorants and perfumes will be something he can use every day.
  • For the self-care kind: If your obsession with self-care has rubbed off on him then there is no better gift than a functional grooming kit or body care kit that you can get for him.
  • For the statement-maker: If he is all about that dad—style then getting him some luxury perfume will be ideal and we’re sure he will love all the heads turning as he walks past.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure it's something that reflects your dad's interests and personality. It's the thought and effort you put into the gift that counts the most.




Q. What's a good last-minute gift idea for a dad? 
- Gift him something that feels personal like a grooming kits or a luxurious perfume.


Q. What's a budget-friendly gift idea for Father's Day? 
- If you're on a budget, consider gifting something thoughtful. You make him his favourite meal, spend time watching his favourite film or get him grooming essentials, like a beard oil or a shaving kit that is affordable and practical.


Q. What are some practical gifts that my dad will use every day? 
- If your dad prefers something more functional then you can’t go wrong with getting him something he uses every day. Look out for what he uses to groom himself, his go-to hair care products or a perfume that he is been talking about buying.