This Beard Grooming Trend For 2024 Is Celeb-Approved


This Beard Grooming Trend For 2024 Is Celeb-Approved

If you’re tired of maintaining your clean-shaven look, get ready to rejoice - the 5’clock shadow is having a major moment in the world of grooming right now. Ironically, it has long been a look that most men have tried to avoid, religiously shaving their beards every morning to not look scruffy. However, thanks to your favourite celebrities like Sidharth Malhotra and Siddhant Chaturvedi, it has gotten the style stamp of approval lately.


So, if you’re ready to master the stubble and ace the ‘Bolly-beard’ look, here are three ways you can get it right. 


Pick your tools


Say goodbye to your trusty razor – to achieve the perfect length for your stubble, you’ll need to pick up an electric trimmer instead. This step is all about trial and error – if you’re new to trying out this look, start by experimenting with different trimming levels and shapes to see what style suits your face best. Remember, there’s a fine line between looking natural and effortless and leaning towards messy and unkempt. 


Clean your neck


For those of you who are blessed with fuller beards, you’ll have to work a little extra when it comes to your grooming routine. If your beard growth extends beyond your jaw and low into your neck – basically, beyond your Adam’s apple – you'll want to invest in a razor to clean up that area for a defined shape. 


Keep it soft


We’re not going to lie – the Bolly-beard looks pretty good, but it may not feel the best. Avoid that sharp and prickly feeling that comes with it by investing in a nourishing beard balm to keep your stubble and the skin underneath it moisturised. Bonus: It will help tackle any dry, flaky skin that shows up during the winter season, too.

By Khanak Mehta