Know Your Concealers: Balm Concealer


Know Your Concealers: Balm Concealer

By Anupriya Jamuar


As the name suggests, this concealer type has a thick, balmy texture, unlike the more commonly used liquid ones.


Balm concealers are usually packaged in small tubs or tins and can be applied with both makeup brushes and sponges.


They are good for layering on dry or oily skin as they cover up zits and hyperpigmentation easily.


When to use balm concealers? 

For people with extremely dry or extremely oily skin, finding products that stay in place without making your skin patchy or greasy is difficult.


Balm concealers have a thick, balmy formulation that lasts through the day without moving. Hence, for longer days, this concealer will cover your skin without clogging your pores or drying your skin.


Who should use balm concealers? 

Balm concealers are great for people with extremely dry or oily skin who often find it difficult to make their concealer last through the day.


Its thick, balmy consistency tends to stay put and gives good coverage for hyperpigmentation, redness and zits.