Beauty On Wedding Duty? These Are The 4 Emergency Fixes You Must Have In Your Kit


Beauty On Wedding Duty? These Are The 4 Emergency Fixes You Must Have In Your Kit

There’s something about weddings that calls the wrath of the beauty gods for everyone. You’ve probably faced everything from the unwanted zit that can’t be concealed to the blowdry that never lasted. While the bride’s got an army of makeup artists and hairstylists helping her look her best, the bride & groom squad could do with some extra help, especially in serious beauty emergencies. These nifty saviours will do the duty while you’re on duty.

If your favourite part of weddings is dancing to the dhol during the baraat, don’t hold back. Plum’s sweat-absorbing innovation is just what you need to prevent body odour. Apply it on dry armpits–the kaolin clay absorbs excess perspiration and makes you smell like orange-y mimosas when you put those hands up to the beat.

It’s an unsaid beauty rule that an angry, red zit will pop up on your face right before an important event. And the wedding season is no exception–especially when you’ve gorged on desserts and pani puris. These daisy-shaped acne patches from Gush might look super adorbs, but they’ve got the flower power to shrink troublesome zits in hours.

If the designated hairstylist of the bride tribe has her hands full, Dafni’s cordless hair brush all you need to achieve your #WeddingSznHairGoals. It blow dry your hair to salon-like perfection in minutes. Plus, you don’t need to tackle that one bridesmaid who’s got the only plug point in the room on lockdown. Win-win!

Weddings can be manic when you’re getting ready in a rush to make sure you don’t miss the bride’s entry to *insert trending reel song here*. There’s always the stray eyebrow or upper lip hair to pluck at the last hour. Luckily, this spiffy hair removal device does the job faster than the bride can walk in her lehenga.