5 Trending Makeup Looks To Try Before Anyone Else


5 Trending Makeup Looks To Try Before Anyone Else

By Khanak Mehta 

We know that when you’re casually scrolling through social media, you probably come across quite a few makeup looks that give you major inspo. But, when it actually comes down to it, your mind can draw a total blank as you sit down in front of your mirror.


Well, we’ve got you covered. Save this guide for the next time you’re getting ready, and scroll through these five trendy makeup looks that are guaranteed to help you make a statement wherever you go. Plus, we’ve put together a curation of the latest makeup topping our charts that deserve a spot in your vanity, too.


Everyday makeup look

Want a no-fuss routine that’s quick but also makes you look like a more polished version of yourself? An updated everyday makeup look is exactly what you need. We suggest drawing inspiration from the clean girl approach that seems to have become a trending makeup look since several popular celebrities endorsed it.


For this modern makeup look, you really just need the basics – a dewy primer to add some glow, a concealer that matches your skin tone to conceal any spots or darkness, and a light translucent powder for your base. Apply a wash of colour to your eyes, lips, and cheeks with a versatile tint, and brush up your brows with a clear gel. A few swipes of mascara, and you’re done! We suggest sticking to mostly cream or liquid formulas for this look to keep it looking natural, and using a makeup sponge instead of a brush to blend everything in.


Wedding makeup look

Whether you’re going to a wedding as a bride or as a guest, the beauty code says to go all out! If you’re somebody who prefers going the classic route, we suggest trying out a gold or brown smokey eye or cut-crease look. You can pair this with a nude lip or a red, depending on how bold you’re feeling. Add lots of contour, highlight, and blush, and make sure you emphasize your lashes to add that extra oomph to your look.


On the other hand, if you want to be like your favourite Bollywood brides and go the minimal route, we’ve got you covered for this trending makeup. Swap out brighter tones for peachy and pinky nudes all over your face and skip the false lashes and any harsh lines. You’re going to want to go for more of an ethereal look that practically reads ‘angel descended from the heavens’!


Party makeup looks

Much like weddings, going to parties is also a free beauty pass to experiment with the looks you may not usually wear. While a brown or black smokey eye can be your go-to, we suggest getting inspired by your favourite Euphoria characters and adding lots of sparkle instead. For this latest makeup trend – you need to pull out your glitter eyeshadows or invest in some small rhinestones, and voila! Your makeup looks are elevated in no time. And bonus points if it involves colour, by the way, viva magenta is super-hot this year. 


Think of your office makeup looks as being a step up from your everyday, natural makeup looks. You’ll want to add a little more coverage and look more polished. Add a medium coverage foundation into your routine, along with a neutral-toned bronzer to double up as a contour. Choose a long-lasting lipstick that will require minimal touch-ups and consider adding a kitten eyeliner flick to your eyes as well. If you feel that your look may be too dramatic, the latest trend in makeup is to replace black mascara with a brown one for a softer look.

Birthday makeup look

Want a new makeup look that will have all eyes on you? Siren eyes are exactly what you need to try. This trending makeup look is super sultry and great for the evenings, making it perfect if you’re in the mood to dance the night away with your girlfriends. For this look, the emphasis lies on the eyes – draw a winged eyeliner, apply black kajal to your waterline, and then smoke it all out. Put on false lashes for a more dramatic effect and choose a cat-eye shape for a lifted look. Pair it with a nude lip to balance it out (and have easy upkeep between drinks!) and finish with lots of setting spray to lock it all in place.  


Other trending makeup looks 

When it comes to makeup, there really aren’t any rules. So, feel free to mix and match different elements of all the above looks to create your own unique makeup looks. You can also pair different trends together, like: 

  1. Glass skin, for a lit-from-within base that looks ultra-natural
  2. Cherry cola lips, for when you want to give your usual red lip an upgrade
  3. Doe eyes, if you want to look extra sweet and make your eyes look bigger
  4. Lifted blush, if you want to give your face an instant lift

...and more!

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Must-haves for your makeup looks 

To make sure that you get these trendy makeup looks right, you will need to invest in a few makeup products. Lucky for you, every product that you see on Palette are handpicked just for you, so that it’s your perfect match.


But if you’re still on the lookout for some beauty picks that have our stamp of approval and have a cult-favourite status for good reason, we’ve got some recommendations below.

  1. Ace your base with a priming moisturiser, medium to full coverage foundation, a matching concealer, and a setting powder.
  2. Add dimension with a contour powder, use a bronzer to add warmth, a blush to add colour, and a buildable highlighter to make sure that you shine bright like a diamond.
  3. Make sure you have a few shades of lipstick to pick from, to match your eye look. We love both liquid and cream formulas.
  4. Invest in a neutral and colourful eyeshadow palette, along with an eyeliner, kajal, and mascara, too. This combination will help you create endless looks.

Try these latest makeup looks! 

So, the next time you sit down in front of the mirror, we’re sure that you’ll definitely have a few ideas of the kind of makeup looks you want to try. Remember, a big part of makeup is trial and error, so be open to playing around with different trends and styles till you find a new makeup look that suits you.  


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Makeup trends 101


Q. What is some trending makeup I should invest in? 

Cream blushes, lip oils, and skin tints are taking over everyone's makeup bags lately. Give these formulas a try and see if they work for you!


Q. Which eyeliner style is a modern makeup look? 

Doe and siren eyeliner styles are both very much on trend for 2023. The goth-inspired smokey eyeliner is making a comeback from the `90s, too.


Q. What is a timeless makeup look? 

The no-makeup makeup look is timeless, yet trending for this year. Consider this to be a step below your everyday makeup look.