Three Skincare Ingredients Your Hair Will Love


Three Skincare Ingredients Your Hair Will Love

By Khanak Mehta 


Versatile beauty is taking over our bathroom shelves - from skincare-infused tints as your foundation, to colour sticks that work for your lips, cheeks, and eyes. There’s also an overlap between your favourite products, like hair colour that simultaneously nourishes, and lip tints that give your lips a boost of hydration.


This is where the ‘skinification’ of your hair care routine comes in. The buzzy skincare ingredients that are an indispensable part of your routine are now featuring in your hair care products, too. Now that’s a cameo we love!


Here are three actives to consider adding to your regimen ASAP. 


Hyaluronic acid

Ah, everyone’s favourite humectant. We know you love hyaluronic acid for its ability to help retain moisture in your skin, so why not extend that to your hair, too? If you’re dealing with a dry and flaky scalp in these colder months, hyaluronic acid is the miracle you’re looking for. Moreover, this active can make the hair shaft appear plumper and thicker, adding lots of volume. What’s not to love? 



If your sensitive skin loves niacinamide for its calming properties, we bet that it’ll work its magic on your scalp, too. Over-washing your hair during the winter may lead to an irritated scalp, so it’s a good idea to start spacing out your washes and introducing this active in your routine to treat your scalp. Bonus: It can also help with scalp conditions like dandruff thanks to its superpower to tackle inflammation. 


Micellar water

Micellar water is your best friend for when you’re coming back super late from that party and double cleansing feels like climbing Mount Everest. This is why it’s a star ingredient for cleansing your scalp, too! Don’t be fooled by how gentle this active is – it does a pretty good job of removing product build-up and residue in one go. If you’re a fan of regularly styling your hair, you definitely need to add it to your routine.