Why I Swear By Dry Shampoo For Greasy Hair


Why I Swear By Dry Shampoo For Greasy Hair

Trisha Chawla

When I say I have oily hair, I don’t mean the kind that turns flat and shiny thanks to humidity. I’m talking hair that turns greasier than Severus Snape’s strands within 24-hours of a thorough hair wash. And as the eight Harry Potter movies have proved, oily hair can be extremely hard to remedy, even by a master in Potions.  

I remember waking up extra early as a teenager to wash my hair but over washing only stripped it of natural oils that kept it hydrated and encouraged the scalp to produce more sebum. When the beauty gods threw dry shampoo my way, there was nothing stopping me from jumping on the bandwagon and catching up on few extra winks of sleep.  

How will it work for you? 

"Dry shampoo helps to absorb the build-up of natural oils and extend the time between your hair washes. The easiest way to use it is to part the greasy bits of hair, like your roots or the nape of your neck, with your fingers and spray away from the scalp in upward, sweeping motions,” says Natasha Naegamvala, director, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salons. At first, it may leave behind a white, powdery residue, especially if you spray excessively. “But it’s nothing that won’t go away with a tough ruffle of the hair,” confirms Naegamvala.  
Is dry shampoo harmful?
Just like binge-watching and overthinking, anything done in excess can be damaging. Naegamvala warns, “You must not use dry shampoo as a replacement for regular shampoo as it can result in build-up on the scalp that may be harmful. Instead, use it as an interim product when you like to prolong your hairstyle.”

On days when a hair wash seems like an impossible feat, a spritz of dry shampoo has always given me that squeaky clean feeling. Coupled with the right diet, it has also helped to increase the gap between hair washes and thereby reduce sebum production. After five years and numerous beauty experiments, it’s still the first product I add to my travel kit. And that should say a lot.