7 Sleeping Masks That Give You Glazed Skin Glow Overnight


7 Sleeping Masks That Give You Glazed Skin Glow Overnight

7 Sleeping Masks That Give You Glazed Skin Glow Overnight

By Anupriya Jamuar


We all saw the rise of one of the biggest skincare trends this year, aka, slugging. Here, you apply a thick layer of occlusive on your face before going to bed, and wake up with deeply hydrated skin. While it’s helped many, there is always a possibility that slugging may not be right for your skin.


Some of the main reasons for dry skin can be dehydration, erratic sleep schedules and even your air conditioning that causes moisture loss through the night. It is imperative to seal some moisture into your skin before going to bed, so your skin can also rest while you do.


Enter: Sleeping masks. They’re water-based masks that are considerably lighter on your skin than slugging but give the same skincare benefits. So, in case your skin’s needs a shot of extra moisture in the morning, here are some deeply hydrating sleeping masks that will help you reach your glazed donut goals.


Kora Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask 

The gel-treatment formula of this sleeping mask is enriched in organic silver ear mushroom, caviar lime and kakadu plum extract which ensures your skin wakes up feeling super-soft and hydrated in the morning.


mCaffeine Latte Coffee Sleeping Face Mask 

Hydrate and wake your skin up with the earthly notes of coffee in this de-stressing sleeping mask that energizes your skin in the morning. The formula is also enriched in hyaluronic acid, the key skincare ingredient for hydration, that makes your skin feel softer and plumper.


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 


The gel formula of this hydrating water sleeping mask does exactly what its name suggests. It deeply boosts your skin with moisture to nourish it, meeting your skin’s all water needs and maintains its moisture barrier as well.


MyGlamm Super Foods Blueberry & Kakadu Plum Sleeping Mask 


Supercharge your skin with the goodness of vitamin B3 of this overnight skin hydrating sleeping mask. It boosts your skin’s natural glow and balances your skin’s moisture levels with its fast-absorbing, lightweight formula that leaves your skin feeling rested.


Innisfree Jeju Orchid Sleeping Mask 


Soak your skin in the goodness of Jeju orchid elixir 2.0 and lavender extract that soothes your skin while you sleep so both you and your skin can wake up feeling rested.


Dot & Key Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask 


The antioxidant-rich formula of this luxurious sleeping mask is rich in calming cucumber and chamomile that hydrates your skin and reverses the damages done by pollution and UV rays leaving it bouncy and relaxed.


Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask 


The unique jelly-pudding formula of this aqua-bomb sleeping mask is formulated with Scottish heather and lady’s mantle that revives skin that looks dull due to dryness. It leaves your skin feeling dewy and radiant with a nourished glow.