Combat Skin Dryness With A Shot Of Jello This Winter


Combat Skin Dryness With A Shot Of Jello This Winter

Combat Skin Dryness With A Shot Of Jello This Winter

By Anupriya Jamuar 


With the new K-beauty trend, it seems like everyone is working towards a more holistic, healthy lifestyle to achieve the famous jello skin. If you too want skin that feels bouncy and firm, but the cold winters are proving to be a hurdle, here is a 3-step ritual we recommend you take to work towards making your skin feel plump and hydrated.


Stop 1: Hydration station 

Don’t fall behind on your 8 glasses of water in these colder days. With the lack of moisture in the atmosphere, it is even more crucial to drink water to keep your skin feeling plump.  

Another step is to include hyaluronic acid into your skincare. Being a humectant, it’ll retain moisture into your skin. Don’t forget to top your HA with a nice ceramide moisturise to lock in all that hydration. Ceramides also help retain collagen levels and skin firmness that works towards jello skin.


Stop 2: Prevention and protection 

Prevent any trans-epidermal water loss during the colder nights by layering a hydrating sleeping mask. However, during the day, make sure you’re applying sunscreen to protect your skin. Sun damage leads to loss of collagen in your skin which results in your skin losing its firmness along with hyperpigmentation amongst other skin issues and we certainly want to avoid that.


Stop 3: Try the jello diet

Lastly, if you want to go that extra mile, we recommend you incorporate collagen and anti-inflammatory supplements and food groups in your meals to ensure the winter dryness isn’t stealing away your jello skin.