6 Shampoos That Banish A Flaky Scalp And Dry Hair


6 Shampoos That Banish A Flaky Scalp And Dry Hair

By Shammi Mondal


Winters are knocking your doors and so is the subsequent dryness. While you maybe stacking up thick emollient cold crems for your skin, your scalp is often a forgotten pursuit. A dry and flaky scalp can be annoying, not only because the flakes are visible but also because it snaps the overall health of your hair.


While many rightly experts recommend allowing your scalp's natural oils to nourish your scalp, we understand that you may need something more hydrating.


A hydrating shampoo is your easiest bid at cleaning your hair sans the following dryness. Rather than stripping your scalp of its natural oils, these six shampoos gently eliminate extra build-up and oiliness.


Plum Avocado Soft Cleanse Shampoo - 300 ml  

The composition of this shampoo is designed to keep hair strands nourished while also cleansing your scalp efficiently. Infused with the moisturising properties of avocado, the shampoo is a drugstore champ in avoiding a dry scalp.  


Brillare Heavy Moisturising Shampoo - 300 ml 

If you have a lot of hair and due to the dryness, it mostly sums up in frizz ball, this is the shampoo that is up for the task. Thanks to amino acids and glycerine to dramatically reduce flyaways and strengthen the hair from the inside out. 


Faith & Patience Camel Milk Conditioning Shampoo For Dry And Frizzy Hair - 340 ml 

Did you know camel milk could do wonders to dry hair and this camel milk rich shampoo is a boon to your damaged and dry hair. Infused with sulphur and vanilla extracts the shampoo cleanses your scalp well, hydrates your hair and leaves a soft, fresh scent that lasts for days.


Arganicare Coconut Shampoo - 400 ml

This shampoo is essentially made with moisturising ingredients like coconut milk, argan oil that work together to replenish dry strands. It's also cruelty free, so you have a positive impact on your hair and on the environment.   


L'Occitane Aromachologie Olivier Nourishing Care Shampoo 300 ml 

Often hydrating shampoos weigh your hair down, that’s not the case here. This shampoo does the opposite, it moisturises your hair, reduces the frizz and restores the health of your damaged hair, while still giving it the volume. 



Dot & Key Quinoa Protein & Olive Damage Repair Shampoo - 350 ml 

This shampoo is very effective at cleansing your hair roots, removing product build-up, excess oil, and pollutants all without stripping off your scalp’s natural moisture. Thanks to quinoa Protein and olive oil, the shampoo also helps strengthen your hair.