6 Shower Upgrades To Soothe Your Mind


6 Shower Upgrades To Soothe Your Mind

By Geeta Rao


We all have those weeks where your work and social calendar are completely booked out, and you’re craving an immersive spa session to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored. However, if you can’t skip that lunch meeting and make it to the spa, or have a bathtub to turn it into one, worry not. Your shower can become your go-to soothing spa session with just a few tweaks. Get ready to block your calendar for some me-time!


1. Time it right 

If you are looking for relaxation, the best time to shower is at night, before bedtime. After all, no one wants to be interrupted with a work call for that ‘tiny but ultra-urgent task’, right? You will sleep like a baby afterward, too.  
Sometimes the late afternoon post-workout slot can prove surprisingly beneficial too. The important thing is that you choose the time that is the most relaxing for you during the day when you are free, your mind is not distracted by a hundred things, and you don’t have deadlines in the next five minutes.


2. Find a phalaenopsis plant 

Small details can pretty up your shower—and give you some new content for your Instagram feed, too. Orchids love humidity and do well in bathrooms, so if you have a ledge, line up a few phalaenopsis or hook up some hanging dendrobiums to make you feel like you are in a tropical Bali spa. If you want something low-maintenance, a row of mini cacti nestled in river pebbles or seashells can add a nice Zen touch.


3. Create a scent playlist 

And no, we don’t mean on Spotify. Choose an essential oil to match the mood you want to create. Eucalyptus is medicinal and will open up blocked sinuses. Rose oil is calming and soothing. Jasmine is sensuous but also an anti-depressant. Peppermint will give you an energy kick. You can even create your own essential oil blend (always use a carrier oil) for your signature bath boost. It takes just a few drops to induce a state of relaxation and restoration. 

While scented candles are a beautiful option, an oil diffuser will diffuse the essential oils to give you more aromatherapy benefits. You can also use both with complementary fragrances to create layers—a lemon-scented candle with a rose oil diffuser, for example. A bowl of dried potpourri with lavender can create another tantalising whiff.


4. Try hydrotherapy 


Alternate bursts of hot and cold showers will work wonders on healing your aching joints and relaxing stiff muscles or shoulders sore from hunching over your computer. The principle is simple—cold water soothes inflammation and gets your blood cells tingling, while hot water relaxes sore joints and calms you down. Your body gets a shot of both endorphins and serotonin and ends up in a happier state. Isn’t that the perfect way to start your Mondays?


5. Incense anyone? 


There are times when only the warm cocooning intensity of incense will do. Mughal princesses would dry their hair over an incense burner to scent it. The smell of incense is a visceral one. Sandalwood and frankincense are great picks. Use an agarbatti or incense stick or luxe it up with a loban or incense burner. Light an incense stick ten minutes before your shower for the smoke to diffuse. Then get ready to step into your own little fragrant hammam.


6. Add finishing touches 


Keep a bottle of rose water to spritz all over when you step out of the shower and complete your routine.