Why Sheet Masks Are A Great In-flight Companion For Your Skin


Why Sheet Masks Are A Great In-flight Companion For Your Skin

By Anupriya Jamuar


Do you want to know how celebrities look all dewy and glowy right after stepping off their long flights while our skin looks like its had the life sucked out of it? Seems like the celebrity secret of looking all glowy after long flights lie in one little skincare product, aka sheet masks.


While putting on a sheet mask on a plane might sound weird at first and there is also the potential of you looking like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre character, the benefits of it, in our opinion outweigh the potential 20 minutes of awkward social anxiety. Find out why.


Why does your skin feel dry in flights? 

Aeroplane cabins are low in humidity, which means the minute you’re at a high altitude, it starts to suck the moisture out of your skin; literally. This is why your skin feels crusty and dehydrated during flights.


You can carry a moisturiser to apply in flight but sometimes, especially during all flights or if your skin is naturally dry, its just not enough.


In-flight sheet masks: Yay or nay? 

After Chrissy Teigen went viral for posting a picture of herself doing an in-flight sheet mask, everyone is obsessed and for all the right reasons.


Firstly, it’s soaked with hydrating serums and ingredients that plump your skin and secondly, it physically acts as a barrier from letting the low cabin humidity suck any moisture out of your skin. Not only does the serums absorb better into your skin, but it also feels refreshed and glowy afterwards.


They’re also quite thin and can easily be kept in your bag. Not to forget, its also a fun activity to do with your bae, especially if you want to annoy them 😂 We suggest you make it a bonding activity, so you don’t have to do it alone.


What’s the right way to do it? 

We suggest you apply it 30 minutes before landing so, when you step out, your skin will look like you spend all your flight sleeping peacefully. The messy part is unfolding the sticky, slimy mask and putting it on. Go slow and apply it to the best of your ability so its covering all of your face. After 20 minutes, take it off and massage the excess serum into your skin.


Lastly, remember that it might feel weird at first and you might think everyone is judging you but honestly from our personal experience, people are too busy in their own things on flights so don’t let it get to your head.


Happy skincare flying!