This Is Why Your Scalp Needs Special Care In the Monsoons


This Is Why Your Scalp Needs Special Care In the Monsoons

By Aparrna Gupta 


The arrival of monsoon is laced with romance, with a pleasant drop in temperature, trees getting greener, and clouds leaning lower. Add to this a hot cup of chai, and you’ve got the perfect evening. 


But, while all this is good, it’s also true that monsoon wreaks havoc on hair that goes much beyond the proverbial frizz. The high humidity makes the scalp greasier, which leads to product build-up and dandruff. When the scalp is clogged, it can also result in hair loss.  

This means that you need go to that extra mile in your hair care routine and give special care to your scalp, too. In fact, when you take care of your scalp, you're ensuring that blood and nutrients can easily flow to the hair follicle, keeping your hair lustrous and ensuring good hair days, every day. 


Here are five ways to give your scalp the extra love it deserves: 



Up your cleansing game  

Since the humidity invites grime and dirt to settle on your scalp, you must increase the frequency of your hair wash. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to wash your head every day but aim for once in three days to help your scalp breathe better. Look for shampoos free of SLS and silicone, or formulas that are infused with essential oils such as rosemary, tea tree oil, lavender and peppermint, which are natural cleansers and help to refresh the scalp. Yes, take note - your scalp needs some skincare, too!