How To Give Yourself A Salon-Worthy Blowout At Home


How To Give Yourself A Salon-Worthy Blowout At Home

By Khanak Mehta


You know that feeling when you’re walking out of the salon with a fresh blowout, radiating major main character energy? Now you can channel that in every single event you attend this wedding season, at practically less than one fourth of the cost. Wondering how?


An at-home blowout may seem hard to master, but with enough practice, you can achieve pro-level results in the comfort of your home. Plus, you can do your hair while catching up on your favourite binge-worthy series or discussing what you’re planning on wearing with your girlfriends. After all, we know that most of the fun of going to weddings is the prep and getting all dressed up!


Here are some of our top tips to get it right – say goodbye to last-minute salon trips forever. 


Good hair starts in the shower 

While owning high quality hair products and tools makes a major difference, your care routine matters just as much. The same way that using the right skincare preps your face for a smooth makeup application, you need to use the right shampoo and conditioner for that sleek, shiny look. Hydration is key – look for power-packed formulas with hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and aloe vera.  


Do the right prep 

Make sure that your hair is damp – *not* wet – when you’re starting your blowout, to avoid damage to your hair and reduce frizz. A heat protectant is also a must, especially if you’re a fan of colouring your hair. Use your fingers to separate your strands and dry about 70% of your hair first, and then use your hairbrush and start working on getting the shape and sleekness right. 


Go step-by-step 

Remember: Patience is a very important virtue, especially when it comes to doing your hair. Resist the urge to go over large areas and work in one-inch sections instead to keep frizz at bay. Roll each section around your brush and hold your blow-dryer over it in a concentrated manner. Make sure to stick to one direction for a seamless finish and waves that fall more naturally. Add a few drops of serum for shine, and you’re done!