6 Ways To Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant


6 Ways To Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

By Shammi Mondal

On the colour maintenance spectrum, red ranks as one of the most difficult to keep up with. Now that you have dyed your lock a shade of red. What are the things one must do to take care of the at home?  

We knew you’d begin thinking of ways, so to make life a little easier we spoke to Rod Anker, Co-founder of Off Days Haircare and Rod Anker Salons, who gave us 6 effective tips that will encompass all your red hair concerns.


  1. 1.Keep a check on hydration 

We know you’re worried that your hair might end up looking like dry straw. Hair dyes work by penetrating through the outer cuticle of your hair, which reduces the passage of natural oils making your hair strands dry and brittle. This dryness especially targets your hair ends and causes split ends rapidly.  

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, and make sure you condition your hair well. If your hair has been bleached to get your desired shade of red, it will get dryer so consider deep conditioning with a hydrating hair mask” says Rod.


  1. 2.Cut down on heat styling  

Dyeing generally dries out your hair, and when you use a heat inducing tools to style your hair frequently, you might just aggravate the dryness.  

“Blow drying once a while is fine, but constantly using heat on your hair will not only dry out your locks but also damage them. So simply stop using heated tools as much,” says Rod. 


  1. 3.Consider sun-protection  

You may love spending time in the sun, but your hair when it’s dyed red will loathe the experience. Over exposure to the sun can make your bright red head turn brassy.  

The UV rays of the sun apart from contributing to the dullness will also cause damage causing hair thinning. So avoid long bursts in the sun, wear a hat or make sure your hair is covered when you spend time in the sun,” says Rod.


  1. 4.You might want to switch your regular shampoo 

Products designed for colour treated hair are different than your regular ones, as they won’t strip the colour off your hair strands. “Choose an alcohol, sulphate and paraben free shampoo, as it will help in keeping your hair tone true for a long time,” says Rod.

  1. 5.Colder water showers for the win 

There is no hard and fast rule for the number of times you should wash your hair, if you want to do it daily it’s fine as long as you are using the right shampoo. Or you can follow your weekly routine of washing your hair, but make sure you wash you red dyed hair with cold water,” says Rod.  

Hot water opens up your cuticles, which allows your shampoo to penetrate deeper and wash out more colour with every wash.


  1. 6.Look for a gloss boosting treatment 


A glaze treatment will visibly amplify the vibrance and shine of your hair. “Healthy hair will look glossy but if your hair looks dull, you can opt for a gloss shine colour which is clear and adds a lustrous sheen to your red hair locks,” says Rod.