Looking For Some Holi Skincare Tips? Here’s All You Need


Looking For Some Holi Skincare Tips? Here’s All You Need

By Shammi Mondal


Holi is upon us, and the most obvious question has made its way back: What are the best Holi skincare tips?


Whether you’ve planned your day off in your colony with loaded water guns and bags filled with gulaal or have a Holi concert to attend, we’re sure you’re going to have a great day. Holi is all food, fun and games till you realise that the colours have taken a toll on your skin and taking it off can become difficult.


If you want to enjoy Holi without worrying about your skin or the Herculean task of washing off colour, it’s important that plan a bulletproof skincare routine before you begin celebrating. Our Holi skincare tips will not only make sure your skin remains healthy, but also that you’re only left with happy memories from this holiday 


Plan your pre-Holi skincare routine 

During Holi, colours and gulaal are the most important part of celebrating the festival (besides eating samosas and jalebi, of course). You can add a pre-Holi skincare routine to your holiday ritual as well. Here are a few reasons why it’s important:


  1. Holi colours can compromise your skin barrier and cause extensive dryness.
  2. Over exposure to UV rays can lead to sun damage and pigmentation.
  3. Colours often have abrasive materials like lead, mercury, glass and silica that can irritate your skin.
  4. Prolonged stay of colours on your bare skin can congest your pores leading to acne.

Pre Holi-Skincare Saviours

1. Take sunscreen seriously 

The biggest and most important Holi skincare tip is sunscreen. It will protect your skin from sun damage and any uneven tanning. We recommend a matte, waterproof, oil-free sunscreen that does not cling to your skin while you endlessly splash water and colours on each other.  

Make sure you apply an SPF on your ears, neck, and body as well.


Here are a few solid SPF options to consider:

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2. Make oiling obvious 

If you’ve heard your mum stress over oiling your hair before you go on a colouring spree, know that the pre-Holi tip comes from an experienced outlook. Oiling your hair protects it from chemical damage. The same applies to your face and body as well. Think of the oil as a barrier between the colours and your skin. Ingredients like neem oil, organic coconut oil or almond oil will moisturise your skin while minimizing irritation.


Ensure you use a facial oil before you leave home as it not only moisturises your skin but also eases the process of taking off the colours later.


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Strategize your post-Holi skincare routine  

You’ve had a blast, danced through the day, pelted water balloons, emptied all your water guns, got smeared in shades of blue green and violet, and are perhaps wondering how on earth will you take off all the colour in one wash. 


For your face 

If you’re worried about erasing the pink and blue stains before you go to office the next day, this 2-step post- Holi skincare hack will surely help. 


Step 1: Trust cleansing oils 

In contrast to abrasive scrubs, a cleansing oil will easily take off all the colour, gunk and stains from the surface of your face. The oil cleanser will emulsify and lift off dirt from your pores as well. Make sure you gently massage your face for at least 3-4 mins with a cleansing oil before rinsing it out.

Step 2: Grab a cleanser as per your skin type 

After you rinse off the oil cleanser, it’s time you go in with your regular cleanser to rigorously wash out all the dirt, colour, excess oil. Always be sure to pick a cleanser that cleans while retaining the moisture of your skin. This step will further clarify your face and remove every bit of colour.

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For your body 

Of course, your body too has the different hues of Holi, if you don’t want to keep them, rely on a physical scrub. Choose a scrub with small grains, and gently rub it in circular motions, to lift off the colour. Since you already have a layer of oil on your skin from your pre-Holi skincare session, taking off colour should be easier now.


After most of the colour is taken off, go in with your body wash or soap and cleanse your skin well. The combination of scrubbing and cleansing will definitely help you erase the stains, dirt, oil and colour from your Holi adventures.


Now that you’ve cleansed your face and body it calls for the next and most important Holi skincare tip : moisturisation. Hydrating your skin after playing Holi is a must!

Max out on moisturiser 

Dry colours and extensive cleansing can leave your skin feeling parched and flaky. Spend time hydrating it to strengthen your barrier and strengthen your barrier.


  • Glaze your face
    Choose a dense cream moisturiser with ingredients, like ceramides and peptides that not only hydrate your dry skin but also nourish your skin barrier. Make sure you apply a sleeping mask in the night to recover from the dryness so that you wake up with soft plump skin.
  • Go big on body care
    Moisturising your skin is a must when it comes to skincare post Holi, and with the length of dryness coming your way make sure you hydrate your body well. Pick a body lotion with ingredients, like shea butter and layer it with a body oil for added glow and nourishment.

The takeaway on Holi skincare tips  



  • Use a high SPF, waterproof sunscreen
  • Apply a facial oil before heading out
  • Stretch your pre-Holi skincare to your neck and ears
  • Double cleanse your face to take off the colour
  • Play with organic colours
  • Drink lots of water


  • Avoid exfoliation 24-48 hours before playing Holi
  • Avoid waxing or hair removal 24-48 hours prior to playing Holi
  • Skip harsh scrubs for a week after Holi
  • Do not take a hot shower post Holi
  • Do not exfoliate your skin for a week after you play Holi

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Q. How can I protect my face from colour stains? 

Before you head out to play Holi make sure you moisturise your face well and layer a facial oil to create a barrier between the colours and your skin’s surface. This will not only keep the colours from staining your skin but also help you stay moisturised.  


Q. How do I remove colour from face? 

For easy removal of colour from your face, indulge in pre-Holi skincare that will ensure the colour does not get in your pores or stain your skin. After you finish playing Holi make sure you double cleanse as a part of your post-Holi skincare to get clean and fresh skin. 


Q. Can we apply a moisturiser after playing Holi?

The strong colours and over exposure to sun will make your skin barrier dry, and irritated, so it is imperative and necessary that you use a moisturiser after playing Holi. Ensure that you religiously hydrate your skin for a week after the festival to repair your skin.