The Power Pony Is Beauty Girls’ Latest Obsession

Every era has a signature hairstyle. The 1960s represent the wispy fringe popularised by Bollywood icon Sadhana; the 1980s belong to the mullet; and the 1990s were all about Jennifer Anniston’s The Rachel. And while it's only 2023, the Power Pony is already shaping up to be one of the defining hairdos of this decade. Perfected by it girls like Dua Lipa at the Barbie (2023) premiere, Janhvi Kapoor in her popular Instagram posts and Ariana Grande, well, practically everywhere the high fashion ponytail is practical, glamorous, and the fastest cheat code to sculpted cheekbones. Here are all the products you’ll need to keep your pony glossy, voluminous, and healthy.


Words by Adarsh Soni