Sound The Alarm: We Found The Perfect Red Lipstick For You


Sound The Alarm: We Found The Perfect Red Lipstick For You

Sound The Alarm: We Found The Perfect Red Lipstick For You

By Khanak Mehta


Celebrity makeup artist and beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury once equated red lipstick to instant glamour. This colour is like your little black dress of makeup—you really cannot go wrong with a swipe of red on your lips, no matter the occasion.


While you can pick from innumerable shades and formulas of this classic, the beauty of red lipstick lies in making it your own. Once you’ve got a signature red, it feels like wearing your unique, personal statement, doesn’t it?


If you’re still on the hunt to find the ultimate red for yourself, here’s our roundup of the best lipsticks, curated just for you. Are you ‘red’dy to make your pick?


For The Indecisive One 


Feeling indecisive? We know that picking the right lipstick can sometimes feel exactly like the never-ending search for a show on Netflix that’s just right to watch as you have your dinner.  
Thankfully, you can never go wrong with a matte, old-Hollywood style true red shade. Favoured by everyone from Madonna to Priyanka Chopra, this shade suits almost all skin tones and takes the guesswork out of your makeup routine.   


For The Glam-getter

If you’re looking for a red that’ll stand out in your photos on the ‘gram, this bright ruby shade is ideal for you. It has a glossy finish that delivers a fuller, more exaggerated pout - and if you want to fake some more volume, we recommend skipping the filter and using a matching lip liner to further define your lip line.  


For The Street Style Icon

If ‘effortless, cool girl’ was embodied in lipstick, this one from M.A.C would be it! This makeup mini is easy to throw into your beauty bag on the go, and the mid-toned red shade works beautifully as a statement lip for an otherwise minimal makeup look. If you’re not a fan of brights, give this one a try – we promise you’ll love it. 


For The Multi-tasking Master

Only have 5 minutes to do your makeup? You’ll need a trusty red to fall back on. A buildable brick-red lipstick is all you need. Apply it as a bold lip colour, dab it with your fingers on your eyelids, or use it as a cheek stain for a one-and-done monochromatic look. Since the formula is long-lasting and budge-proof, it will stay put on your skin all day long.   


For The Snack Star


Does your daily meal plan include three hearty meals and lots of snack breaks? Are you guilty of carrying around a half-eaten protein bar to a party? If you said ‘yes’, then this ultra-long-lasting and smudge-proof formula is a must-have for you. The show-stopping, mid-toned red stays on well past hors d'oeuvres, minus any touch-ups. Bonus: The cool undertone makes your smile look brighter and whiter – and who doesn’t love that?


For The Get-set-go-getter

Work out, get ready, make a healthy breakfast, catch up on e-mails, run errands: check, check, check. If you’re always on the go and get more done before most of us even get out of bed (whew!), you’ll need a mask-friendly lipstick that can match your pace. This coral shade has intense one-swipe coverage and is the ideal red for when you want a red that’s not quite a red.