6 Peptide Serums That Will Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Production


6 Peptide Serums That Will Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Production

6 Peptide Serums That Will Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Production

By Anupriya Jamuar


As kids, it is exciting to stay up late. As a young adult, staying up is sometimes a choice and sometimes a necessity. But as grown-ups, we tend to get grumpy if woken up or kept awake past our natural cycle. That is because as we age, our body’s capacity and needs change. The same happens with your skin.


Over time, your skin’s natural collagen levels slow down, making your skin look dull, tired, and textured. But there are some measures that you can take to ensure that you’re providing enough energy for your skin to keep up like it used to when you were young.


One of them is peptide serums; they tend to boost your skin’s natural collagen levels, improving its elasticity, radiance, and firmness. Think of peptide serums as a cup of matcha or your skin.


Which is why you should include them in your everyday routine to maintain that healthy, glowing skin. We’ve handpicked six top-tier peptide serums that will boost collagen in your skin.


Aminu The Azure Copper Peptide Serum 

This copper peptide pro-repair serum protects your skin from all aspects of ageing. It not only increases collagen formation in your skin, but it also moisturises it to help preserve its skin barrier and reduce hyperpigmentation. You can use this as a whole treatment depending on your skin's demands.


Earth Rhythm Peptide Complex Replexium Revitalising Serum 


With this peptide serum, you can use the power of two patented peptides to fight fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains replexium, which is a complex known for its skin-firming effects.


Minimalist Multi Peptides Serum with 7% Matrixyl 3000 & 3% Bio-Placenta 


Boost your skin’s cell regeneration and radiance with 7 potent peptides with this face serum that hydrates your skin as it treats it.


Kimirica Rejuvenating Anti-aging Peptide Face Serum 


Enriched with tripeptide, triple-action collagen-boosting formula and pro vitamin B5, this serum helps revitalize your skin. It also fades your acne scars for a much younger, healthier looking skin.


Rejusure Collagen Peptide Night Facial Serum 


This high-potency peptide combination improves skin smoothness and plumpness in skin that has been weighed down by dullness and wrinkles like crow's feet.


Soulflower Herbal Peptide & Hyaluronic 4% Firming Serum 


This herbal peptide serum hydrates your skin while simultaneously boosting and restoring your skin's natural collagen.