All The Ombre Nails Inspo You Ever Needed, Delivered


All The Ombre Nails Inspo You Ever Needed, Delivered

By Khanak Mehta


Are you somebody who just never knows what manicure they want at the nail salon? Or do you often stick to the classic French tips and want to start being a little more experimental, but don’t know where to begin? Whatever your nail conundrum may be, we’ve got the solution – ombre nails.


Ombre nail art is for those of us who want to switch things up and try something fun without feeling super overwhelmed. Also known as gradient nails, this manicure fades from one colour to another, usually going from a deeper version to a lighter version of the same shade.


Here’s some inspo to save for your next visit to the nail salon.


Pink Ombre Nails

Let’s start with a classic shade that everyone loves – pink. Perfect for any occasion, whether you’re chilling at the beach, attending a wedding, or just want to debut some new tips on thegram - pink ombre nail art designs are relatively minimal but can make a big impact depending on the shade you pick. Choose a bright pink if you’re into the Barbiecore trend, or a more natural hue if you want to stick to being more au naturale. This one is great if you’re a fan of a French mani but want to take things up a notch.

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Nude Ombre Nails

Easy to DIY at home too, nude ombre nails are a go-to for many. We suggest trying these out especially if you’re someone who loves playing around with their outfits and incorporates a lot of colours in their wardrobe – you can always be sure that your nude tips will never clash with what you’re wearing. They’re equal parts chic and sophisticated, and you can take things to the next level by adding a glossy topcoat if you’ve RSVP’d to a few parties. Make sure that you pick a nude shade that flatters your skin tone and avoid going to too light or too dark.

Lavender Ombre Nails

Don’t want to be basic? We get it. When it comes to nail designs, ombre lavender nails are the way to go if you’re ready to majorly live up your cottage-core dreams. Perfect for a dreamy, romantic vacay away from home in a little cottage in the mountains (whether you’re there physically or mentally!), these nails are soft and feminine yet definitely not subtle. Lavender as a hue is generally quite light, so whether you’re trying this out at home or asking your nail artist to do it for you, going slow and ensuring that there’s an even blend is very important. Be sure to seal it off with a topcoat too, because any stains will *definitely* show up on this ombre nail art.

Black Ombre Nails

Is black your happy colour? Then black ombre nails are just right for you. Whether you just want to be feeling yourself and get an extra boost of confidence, or tap into your inner punk, black ombre nails are the best investment you can make. You can choose a soft gradient going from black to grey, or make it look more impactful with an eye-catching gradient going from black to whitethe intensity depends on you and your mood. To add a touch of glam, you can even add small coloured or white rhinestones to the tips of your nails!

Glitter Ombre Nails

Want to shine bright like a diamond? Glitter is always a good idea in our books! From full glitter nails to adding it only to your tips, the ombre nail art ideas that you can play around with are endless. If you want a more three-dimensional effect, you can even layer a different shade of glitter onto your nail polish. Just be sure to apply both a base and top-coat with this – this will help the glitter stick to your nail polish better, and make it easier for you to remove later, too. You can also experiment with both tiny flakes and larger sparkles, depending on your preference.

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Neon Ombre Nails

If you’re in the mood to go all out, neon is the name of the game. Put away your classic pinks and nudes and pull out pop colours for summer that remind you of your favourite popsicles. Think blues, purples, yellows, oranges, greens, and even viva magenta, if you want to stay on trend. Stick to cool-toned hues for maximum impact, and you can even experiment with having a gradient of two different colours instead of just one if you’re feeling super experimental. We promise you; this is one of the most electric ombre nail art ideas that will get heads turning.

Ideas for ombre nails with art

Looking for some more inspo? Lucky for you, the possibilities are endless! If you're looking for ombre acrylic nail designs or just something more exciting for your natural tips, why not try adding an accent to the nails on your ring or index fingers? Or, if you want something even more fierce, create the gradient with a cool design like flames or triangles for a more eye-catching look.


You can even try changing up the smaller details to create a big impact. Try out different nail shapes, don’t be shy to play with unexpected colours like white, or even change the direction of the ombre from vertical to horizontal, to break up your nail design. You can also add nail art on top by painting small designs like flowers or hearts or layering on rhinestones for a Euphoria-inspired look, too. 


Ready to try cute ombre nail designs? 

We know you’ve probably already tried ombre hair, but it’s time to take the trend and translate it onto your nails, too. From classic styles to bolder ones, this nail art style will pretty much suit all your moods. Plus, if you’re somebody who can’t always make time to go to the salon, this is perfect since you can pretty much DIY it at home with ease or take a little extra time between your touch-ups thanks to how seamlessly it grows out.


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Ombre nails 101


Q. What colour should I use for ombre nails? 

While ombre nails usually incorporate shades of the same colour, you can mix different colours to create your own unique gradient, too.


Q. Are ombre nails hard to maintain? 

Ombre nails are one of the easiest nail art styles to maintain – thanks to the nude base that is used, the grow-out phase of your nails is practically invisible!


Q. What nail shape is best for ombre nails? 

While they can work with almost any nail shape, ombre nails are best done on long, almond-shaped nails that will help show off the colours and gradient better.