Your Ultimate Guide To Acing The Nude Makeup Look


Your Ultimate Guide To Acing The Nude Makeup Look

By Khanak Mehta


There’s nothing quite like experimenting with new eyeliner styles and pop colours on your lips and cheeks occasionally. But, when you are in a rush or just don’t know what makeup look to rock, a nude makeup look is a fail-safe option. With the clean girl aesthetic taking over our social media feeds in the last year, and most Bollywood brides favouring a barely-there makeup look with rosy tones, nude makeup is undeniably having a major moment right now.


So, if you’re wondering how to do nude makeup right, we’ve got a step-by-step guide lined up for you. Take notes.


Skin prep for nude makeup

One key characteristic of nude makeup looks is a fresh and dewy base that lets your skin underneath shine through. To get it right, it’s not only important to choose the correct base products, but to also prep your skin with the appropriate skincare picks. Choose a hydrating moisturiser with ingredients like vitamin C to help brighten your skin and a lightweight face oil to tackle any dry patches. This can also help act as a hydrating primer and set the base for the next step.

Base makeup for a nude makeup look

When you’re doing nude makeup, it’s best to keep your base light. So, skip the foundation and BB cream and stick to spot concealing instead. Use a medium coverage, hydrating concealer to avoid a cakey look and remember to blend, blend, blend. Use a makeup sponge instead of a brush for a more seamless finish.

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Eye makeup for a nude makeup look

The best nude makeup looks will often feature light, rosy tones on the eyes that naturally compliment you, rather than stark, pop colours that stand out against your features. So, keeping that in mind, we suggest using hues of brown in your crease and following it up with a light dusting of a mid-toned rosy, pink shade on your lids. Finish your eye look with a few coats of mascara and resist reaching for your favourite eyeliner – the best nude makeup is always minimal!

Natual eyebrows for a nude makeup look

Eyebrows are one of our key face-framing features. A natural, brushed up brow can completely change up your look, and so can a bold, sculpted brow. For the nude makeup look, since we’re keeping the eyes minimal and all the colour tones in the same family, we suggest spending a little extra time on defining your brows to bring it all together. Invest in a brow soap or clear gel instead of a tinted one, and brush up your brows, following their natural shape. Fill any sparse spots in with a brow pencil but be sure to not go overboard since it’s a nude makeup look.

Nude lipstick for your nude makeup

And we’re there! Match your eye look with a nude lipstick – we know that it can be tricky to find your perfect nude shade, but a lot of it is about trial and error. A good rule of thumb to stick to for your nude makeup look is to choose a pink-toned nude if you have a light skin tone, a rosy or brown-toned nude if you have a medium skin tone, and a caramel hue if you have a deeper skin tone. Here are some of our top picks for your nude makeup look.

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Blushes for the best nude makeup looks

If your makeup look is nude, skip the cheek trio palettes and pick up a nude or brown-toned pink blush with a light sheen instead. This hue will not only add colour to your cheeks but also some warmth (bye-bye, bronzer!). The light sheen will also add a natural glow without being reminiscent of the stripes of highlighter we all loved to rock in 2016. Admit it, you did that too!

Less is more for nude makeup looks

When it comes to nude makeup, err on the side of caution. This means starting off slow and not picking up too much product, blending just a little extra even when you think you’re done, and sticking to the most natural tones and hues that play well with your skin tone. Opt for products that say ‘lightweight’ ‘dewy’, and glow’, and choose cream or liquid formulas over powder ones.


Things to keep in mind for the best nude makeup looks 

While nude makeup looks may seem deceptively simple, they require as much work as your regular makeup looks do. Even though the number of products that you use may be lesser than usual, choosing the right colours and strategic placement is extremely important.


Also, as mentioned before, doing the right skin prep is key – so if you’re planning on rocking this look often, following a good skincare routine will go a long way in helping your base look good. Plus, this also means that you’ll need less concealer – and that’s always a major win in our books!


It’s always a good idea to also check your nude makeup in natural light before you step out of your house. This will help you ensure that everything is blended in and that none of the colours are looking too stark against your skin tone.


Ready to try out nude makeup?

It’s time to channel your inner cool girl and give the nude makeup look a shot. The beauty of this trend is that it suits everyone if the tones are just right. So, you really can’t go wrong with it! PS: Don’t forget to shop our recommendations to get started with the perfect beauty picks for the best nude makeup.


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Nude makeup 101


Q. How do I know the right colour tones for my skin tone? 

When trying out a nude makeup look, stick to the hues that suit your undertone. So, if you have a yellow undertone, try out warmer hues, and if you have a pink undertone, choose cool-toned shades.  


Q. How do I make my skin look fresh but not oily? 

The answer lies in a strategic powder application. Avoid adding more coverage to your look with a pressed powder and grab a loose translucent powder instead. Set only the areas that tend to get oily and leave the rest as is to keep that glow intact. 


Q. Should I use any other skincare before trying nude makeup? 

While a hydrating moisturiser or face oil should do the trick and prep your skin well, remember to never forget sunscreen as the last step. In fact, you can choose a glowy formula to add more dewiness to your look, too.