The Easy Makeup Guide To Nailing Party Girl Chic


The Easy Makeup Guide To Nailing Party Girl Chic

The Easy Makeup Guide To Nailing Party Girl Chic

By Anupriya Jamuar 


With a global pandemic, we all saw the rise of the “clean girl” beauty trend, emphasizing on wellness and 10-step skincare routines to achieve “perfect skin”. But now that we’re moving past the harder times, it seems like the bad twin of the clean girl trend is here to spice things up, aka, the party girl beauty trend.


Party girl chic is the opposite of clean girl, and seems like, she’s here to stay. So what is this new party girl trend? Think, the 2000s, Y2Ks, think Paris Hilton in her famous 21st birthday silver dress, think Kate Moss and Julia Fox with their bold makeup and bolder choices.


The ‘party girl likes to stay up till 4 am dancing, her makeup’s a little worn in, her eyes bold and lips bolder. She loves glitter and shimmer and gloss; she loves drama and glossy hair.  

We’re vibing hard with this makeup aesthetic right now, and if you’re too then here is an easy guide on how you can nail your party girl look in a few simple steps. 


Base 1: Blend That Base 

As seen on the red carpets and the fashion weeks this year, your favourite celebrities and makeup artists seem to be loving a simple base. Thankfully, somewhere between the aisles of full coverage foundations and BB creams the birth of skin tints happened.  

With their sheer to medium coverage formulas and natural finish, skin tints are a great option for your base. They’re easier to blend, you can build up the coverage as per your liking and they sit on your skin beautifully as the hours go by. Plus, you can also mix strobe creams and highlighter with your skin tints for that glowing skin.


Base 2: Chisel That Face 

We’ve all dearly loved our invisible makeup looks and we still do, but its time to pull the brushes out and add sharpness to your face. If you love a good contour, then we have a neat trick to make the job easier.  

With your bronzer or your contour powder, draw the figure 3 from your hairline to your cheekbones and ending at your jaw. This will add sharpness to your face and bring out your glamorous side.


Base 3: Get That Rosy Glow Going 

Let the disco lights hit your highlighter in a dazzling shimmer so everyone can see how beautiful your rosy flush looks after dancing all night long. If you’re a girlie who loves her blush just as much as her highlighter, you would love this dot-trick we found. 

All you need to do is mix your highlighter with your blush. You can use the alternate dotting method where you use one dot of your liquid blush and one dot of your highlighter on the high points of your cheekbones and then blend that out.


Base 4: Let Your Eyes Do The Talking  

The easiest way to get glammed eyes is to play with neutral shades and add shimmer. A bronze eye is flattering, takes lesser time to create, and is beginner friendly as well. Prep your eyelids with shades of brown and pat some shimmer to your lids to match the party vibes. Don’t forget to coat your lashes with lots of mascara to add volume.

Base 5: Bold Lips, Bolder Colours 

The memo is clear by now, go bold or go home but going home is boring. Play with bold colours like reds and maroons that have been a celebrity favourite this year. You can even add gloss to your lips to make them look juicier and even plumper.  

A rich red lip looks spectacular with bronze eyes and shimmering makeup, besides, is there a colour bolder and more party-appropriate than red?  


P.S: After you’re done, don’t forget to set your makeup!