How To Care For Your Nails The Right Way


How To Care For Your Nails The Right Way

By Khanak Mehta 


After two years of a constant focus on our hands – from constantly washing and sanitising them to investing in copious amounts of hand cream – it’s about time you started caring for your nails, too.


While we give you points for putting on some hand cream (even if it’s just your body lotion that you extend onto them), regularly grooming your nails is just as important. After all, they say that manners maketh a man, but in our books, so do his grooming practices.


Here are three easy-breezy tips to care for your nails at home to look your best this party season. 


Timing is everything 

Every grooming habit falls into one specific place in your routine – and this one is no exception. The best time to spruce up your nails is right after taking a shower – ideally, a nice warm one. Warm water will help soften your hands and nails, which makes it easier to cut and shape them. Plus, any product you apply on top will absorb better.  


Invest in a grooming kit 

It isn’t enough to just cut your nails – the sharp edges can hurt your skin and cause irritation. To create a smooth finish every time and look extra polished, investing in a nail grooming kit is the way to go. These kits usually include a nail clipper to trim your nails, a nail file to shape them, a nail buffer to polish them off, and a cuticle trimmer or remover. This four-step routine should have you covered! 


Extend the care 

When it comes to ‘nailing’ nail grooming, remember that caring for them is just as important as grooming them. Case in point: Invest in a nail cream or cuticle oil. These hydrating formulas will not just help maintain your nail health but will also give you a more polished look. Plus, massaging them into your skin is super relaxing. To make the job easier, there are many hand and nail creams available that do double duty, too.