Myth Or Fact: Is Your Kajal Giving You Dark Circles?


Myth Or Fact: Is Your Kajal Giving You Dark Circles?

By Khanak Mehta


A kajal is the one makeup product that every Indian makeup enthusiast practically swears by, along with lipstick. Often, it is the first makeup product that we’re allowed to use (thanks, mum!) and it can quickly become a gateway for many of us into the world of makeup. No matter how many eyeshadows or mascaras come our way, our kajals have continued to remain a staple in our beauty bags for generations now.


But this makeup product might not be all that great for us, according to the internet. online beauty forums are populated with posts where many makeup lovers claim that their kajal is the culprit behind their dark circles.


Is there really any truth to this though? Let’s find out. 


The not-so-dark truth


The short answer to this question is – no, your kajal isn’t *actually* causing or making your dark circles worse. However, there are certain things you may be doing wrong that could lead to it being a factor behind it. This essentially means that your technique is the reason here – whether it’s the application, or the cleansing.  


Skip the smudging


If you’re a fan of wearing kajals on your waterline without pairing them with any base products like foundation or concealer, they can contribute towards making your dark circles look more prominent, especially if you’re smudging them as well. Plus, if you already have hyperpigmentation in your under-eye area, smudging your kajal can make it look darker. So, the best thing to do is to stick to simply applying your kajal in your waterline and not smudging it. Pair it with a concealer in your under-eye area to cover up any shadows and make it look brighter as well.


Cleansing is key


It’s 4 AM, you’ve just come back from a night out, and you’re way too lazy to do your 7-step makeup removal and skincare routine. We totally get it, but you relying on a makeup wipe too often could be the reason behind more prominent dark circles, too. When you don’t remove kajal properly, the residue can often travel down to your under-eye area and add darker shadows there. So, stick to a proper double-cleansing routine, and make sure that you remove all your eye makeup thoroughly. You’ll thank us later.