Why Squalene Is A Must-have For Dry Skin


Why Squalene Is A Must-have For Dry Skin

By Trisha Chawla   

So, you’ve used vitamin C to achieve your glow and reinforce your skin's barrier. It's probably even an ardent part of your AM and PM routine, because what’s not to love, really? However, we know that a true skincare aficionado like you is always on the lookout and ever eager to try the latest in skincare. If you want to know what your future serum labels will read, keep an eye out for squalene.


Squalene is one of the many lipids produced by your body to keep things hydrated and lubricated. Infact, did you know that it makes up 10-12% of your skin’s natural sebum? So, what’s it doing in your facial oils and serums, you ask? When harvested from plant sources like rice bran, olives and wheat germ oils, squalene works wonders to hydrate dry and mature skin. It’s a natural emollient that locks moisture in your skin, reduces acne scars and reverses damage caused by exposure to the sun and free radicals. In it’s topical form, you will probably find it on your labels in the form of squalane, a lighter derivative that’s gentler on the skin. 


We’ve compiled a list of our coolest squalane-based picks for you. Call us fortune-tellers because we know you’ll be adding these to cart.