Micro-Braids Are The Easiest Y2K-Inspired Trend To Try


Micro-Braids Are The Easiest Y2K-Inspired Trend To Try

By Khanak Mehta 


From frosty lip gloss to pastel blue eyeshadow, it’s safe to say that Y2K nostalgia has the world of beauty wrapped around its butterfly ring-adorned finger. But while a lot of these celeb and influencer-approved trends may look easy, the reality is that they require quite a few precious minutes out of your morning routine to accomplish.


We did some digging and managed to find a trend that’s cool girl-approved for another reason beyond the obvious – it's also super easy. We’re talking just three minutes, and no more. 


Trend to try: Micro-braids 

First things first, get that image of 2000’s teen TV stars out of your mind. This sleek, evolved approach involves parting your hair neatly down the middle, and swapping out two large chunks of hair for two thinner ones instead. Braid them individually into small, face-framing pieces, and you’re done! 


Why you’ll love it 

They’re versatile, take just a few minutes to create, and work well on almost all hair textures. Plus, they make your cheekbones pop and are appropriate for any occasion – from when you’re channelling a celeb-inspired off-duty look to when you’re dressing up for date night. 


Perfect pairings 

When trying a new trend, it’s best to let it take centre stage till you get comfortable with it. But the beauty of micro-braids lies in its versatility, even when it comes to pairing them with other styles. While they stand as a great accent to open hair, you can also pair them with a clean girl-style sleek bun or a high pony.


Style it right 

While micro-braids are pretty much fuss-free, you can invest in a few products to take your look to the next level and keep it looking sleek throughout the day. Invest in a hair pomade to smooth down any flyaways, and if you’re curling your hair beforehand, don’t forget to use some hairspray, too. If you’re on a time crunch, skip the heating tools and scrunch your hair with some leave-in cream instead.