Is Your Makeup Setting Spray Is Melting Your Makeup?


Is Your Makeup Setting Spray Is Melting Your Makeup?

By Shammi Mondal


A few things have given the status of universal facts, like the sun rises in the east, sunscreen is a must, moisturisers are essential for all skin types and that setting spray makes your makeup last longer.


Makeup setting sprays are easy to use, and they truly are, but sometimes if your technique or timing slips up the results can be quite adverse—your makeup could melt or worse split after a few minutes. To put an end to this confusion and find out a solution we spoke to celebrity makeup artist, Arti Nayar. 


Q. What is a setting spray? 

A setting spray is a liquid mist that you could possibly use at the end of makeup. It ideally is used to set and lock your makeup in place,” say Arti.  


Q. Why do you need a setting spray? 

In my opinion you could use a setting spray if you think your makeup looks extra powdery, just to make sure that the makeup settles,” says Arti 

A setting spray does not necessarily increase the longevity of your makeup, but it ensures all the layers of makeup mesh and becomes one cohesive layer.  


Q. If it is supposed to set makeup, why is it melting the makeup? 

Often these issues with your setting spray come from spraying on too much. Ideally a spray or two is enough to set you makeup in place, going overboard with setting spray will only hamper it’s fixing capability,” says Arti 


Another reason why your makeup could be melting off is because you might be spritzing the spray too close to your face. While using a setting spray you must ensure that there is enough distance between you and the spray nozzle, at least 8 inches of space is what I recommend,” says Arti. 


You should also consider the climate. If you’re in a humid climate your skin naturally sweats and gets oily, using a setting spray here might make it shiny,” says Arti. “During the hot months don’t overdo the setting spray as it might make your makeup oilier. But during the winters our skin feels dry so to add a little moisture and glow you can use a setting spray liberally,” says Arti. 


Also take your skin type into account. If you have oily skin, look out for a matte setting spray and use it very sparingly. If you have parched dry skin, a glow boosting spray will ensure your makeup looks hydrated and even,” says Arti.