It’s Time To Stop Using Toner As Makeup Remover. Here’s Why.


It’s Time To Stop Using Toner As Makeup Remover. Here’s Why.


By Khanak Mehta


When it comes to building a skincare routine, the first piece of advice that we all hear is ‘cleansing, toning, and moisturising’. While creating a skincare regime that suits your skin type and tackles your concerns is important, it is equally important to remember that you should take your makeup off properly every time you wear it, too.


After all, a skincare routine can only do so much – unless you are removing your makeup (especially if you’re someone who loves a full beat every day as much as we do) and cleansing your skin properly, your skincare won’t be able to penetrate through your clogged pores and do its job. So, choosing the right products for removal and cleansing becomes important as well.


If you’re someone who swears by toner as a makeup remover or has had one too many nights where you’re too tired to do the usual double cleanse and use a cotton pad dipped in toner instead, we have some news. This really isn’t the best way to remove your makeup – and it’s time to make a switch for good.


While this product has been a core part of our skincare routines for practically decades at this point, it was originally formulated to remove the slimy film that primitive cleansers left behind on the skin. Thanks to modern skincare scientists working their magic, we now have newer cleanser formulas that don’t leave that dreaded film, and hence, toners have now accordingly evolved to become a booster in our skincare routines.


From hydration to pore correction – there's a toner for every skin concern. But it’s important to remember that it’s just that, and nothing more. Toners don’t have the required ingredients to break down your makeup and remove it effectively, no matter how much you apply and swipe away.


If anything, it can be used to restore your skin’s pH balance after a long day of wearing a full coverage foundation and give your skin some extra TLC. Moreover, if you apply your toner with a cotton pad after cleansing and still see some makeup residues come off, take it as a sign to switch to a double cleansing method or update your makeup removal products to more powerful ones.


We suggest exploring micellar waters, cleansing balms, and cleansing oils – these formulas are gentle on the skin while removing even the most stubborn makeup. Cleansing oils and balms, in particular, give your skin an extra dose of moisture while purifying it, too.


Once you’re comfortable with your new cleansing method, we suggest skipping the cotton pad for your toner and directly applying it with your hands instead for maximum benefits. Pat it into your skin and take this opportunity to give yourself a mini facial massage!  
Bonus: You will notice that your bottle of toner will last so much longer with this method, too.