Know Your Makeup. FT. Baked Blushes


Know Your Makeup. FT. Baked Blushes

By Shammi Mondal


Blush is the quiet hero in the invisible makeup trend, and baked blushes are the trick to landing a rosy glow each time. Baked blush is liquid or cream blush that is baked into a fine, solid powder with a velvety finish. Wondering what makes them so special? 


Greater colour payoff 

With fewer filler ingredients, baked blushes are often smoother and have a concentrated colour. They are packed with intense pigments and offer a more vivid colour payoff.  


Multidimensional textures 

Most baked blushes have a marbled effect with a few highlighting pigments, giving you the hybrid benefit of both products.  


Wet or dry application  

If you like an intense blush, baked blushes are here to oblige. Since these cosmetics are originally creamy and liquid in texture, wet application is possible. Just spritz water or a setting spray on your brush before swirling it on the blush for a powerful effect.