Lip Care Secrets You Didn’t Know You Needed


Lip Care Secrets You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Anupriya Jamuar 


Lips are like the stepchild of your skincare routine. While most of us try to be quite vigilant about our skincare regime, let’s be honest, when it comes to our lips, we’ve all been guilty of not paying enough attention to them. Unlike the rest of your face, the skin on your lips is quite sensitive, and slacking on your lips care can often result in them being dry, chapped, and looking crusty.


If you love a juicy-looking plump lip, then you got to do the due diligence to keep them soft and plump. The good news is that its not that hard at all and to help you, we’ve curated a detailed guide on lip care that will help you nail the glazed lip look. 💋


Are your lips hydrated? 

The lack of hydration in your body first shows on your lips, since the skin on your lips is so thin. So, drinking enough water is the first step. You can even schedule a few reminders on your phone to make sure you’re getting your daily two litres. Water plumps up the skin of your lips, making them juicy and soft. So, the next time your lips feel dry, reach for a glass of water before applying some lip balm. This will also help to lock that moisture from the water into your lips.


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Lips care 101: Regular exfoliation

Just like the skin on your face and body, your lips need regular exfoliation to remain soft and supple. A little scrub-a-dub action helps to buff away the dead skin cells that make your lips look flaky and rough. When you regularly exfoliate, it reveals a soft, fresh layer of skin on your lips that is plump and ready to shine.


Here is how you can scrub your lips:


Rule 1: Never be harsh. Your lips are sensitive so be extra gentle with the exfoliation


Rule 2: Try a lip scrub to exfoliate. The tiny granules of lip scrubs are formulated to be gentle on your lips and there are fewer chances of skin tears.


Rule 3: Apply light pressure with your fingers to make tight circular motions to exfoliate.


Rule 4: Rinse off or wipe away the excess scrub to reveal fresh, pouty lips

SPF on your lips is a must 

Don’t leave your lips defenceless against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Extend your SPF protection from your face to your lips as well. The harmful rays of the sun affect your lips, like discolouration, pigmentation, pre-mature signs of ageing and sunburns. Always pick a lip balm with SPF in it especially when you’re spending time outdoors

Lip balms are your saviours 

The pocket-sized humble hero; aka lip balms are the underdogs of lip care even though they’re saving your precious pouts. Our lips go through a lot – hot weather, dehydration, drying air-conditioned air, pigmentation and even our own lip-biting habits—that’s where lip balms swoops in.


These tiny tubes lock in nourishment, providing a protective barrier against all these elements. They soothe chapped lips, restore softness and replenish hydration. Plus, they’re so easy to carry and apply. Just one swipe and you’re good.


So, make sure the next time you’re stepping out or going anywhere, you always keep one of these on you.

A little massage goes a long way 

Don’t underestimate the power of a little lip massage. It helps boost blood circulation, plumpness and enhances the natural colour of your lips making them look flushed and plump. So, the next time you care to layer on your lip mask, take 30 seconds to gently massage it into your lips.



Overnight hydration is a must 

While we sleep, our body also rests and restores itself. So, its important to use a hydrating lip mask before your sleep. These potent formulas work their magic overnight, providing intense hydration and rejuvenation for your pout.


Lip masks are also more hydrating than lip balms, generally being formulated with ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid and natural oils. These penetrate deeper into your skin, softening dryness and restoring suppleness. They also act as occlusives that prevent moisture loss through the night.


So, the easiest way to keep dry lips at bay, if you find applying and reapplying chapsticks all day too tedious, is to sleep with an overnight lip mask and wake up to soft, plump lips in the morning.

The don’ts of lip care 

Now that you understand the dos of healthy lips, let’s talk about some don’ts as well: 

  • Don’t lick your lips. Your saliva doesn’t hydrate, instead it has the opposite effect and leads to more dryness and even irritation.
  • Resist the urge to peel or bite off dry skin as it can easily lead to bleeding and damage.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen on your lips. Always use an SPF lip balm during the day
  • Don’t slack off on your daily water intake. The more hydrated you are, the better your lips will look.



Q. How often should I exfoliate my lips? 
1-2 times a week is recommended, but adjust this based on your lip’s sensitivity and needs. Make sure not to overdo it.


Q. Can I use regular SPF on my lips? 
It is best to use lip-specific products with SPF as regular sunscreens might contain ingredients that are not safe for ingestion.


Q. How can I stop lipstick from drying out my lips? 

Make sure you’re moisturising your lips beforehand and regularly exfoliating it as well. This will ensure there is a protective barrier between the lipstick and your lips.