How To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant?


How To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant?

How To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant?

By Anupriya Jamuar


We all love to do something different with ourselves from time to time and colouring your hair, somehow, feels pretty transformative. But it’s all fun and good until that pretty shade of red or blond or pink starts to fade off, leaving your hair looking dull and dry. Although hair dyes will eventually fade off, and you must keep getting them retouched, you can, however, take good care of it so it lasts longer and stays healthy looking.


To do exactly that, we asked Clarabelle Saldanha, a celebrity hairstylist with over 40 years of experience to tell us all about how she maintains that healthy hair colour and how you can too. Also, find out Clarabelle’s secret hair mask recipe for those soft, shiny tresses.


Washing your hair 

“Once a week is always better when it comes to washing your hair but cleanse your scalp properly every time,” suggests Clarabelle. In case you have really oily scalp, try washing it twice, and diluting your shampoo with water before applying it.


Pick the right shampoo 

“Choose a shampoo that’s hydrating and is going to add moisture to your hair,” explains Clarabelle. This will ensure your hair looks shiny and feels soft along with maintaining that vibrant colour it’s got.


Condition your hair 

Since bleaching and colouring tend to be harsh on your hair, you must condition it more to make it healthy. “Scoop some conditioner on your palms and emulsify it before applying it throughout your hair. Follow that by wrapping a hot towel around your head to lock in the moisture,” elaborates Clarabelle.


‘Do not completely rinse it out either, rinse the conditioner off your scalp well but leave some towards your ends as they tend to get dry more,” explains Clarabelle.


Less heat is the way 

“Try to use less heat on your hair with your appliances and wash your hair with normal to cold water as too much heat tends to dull your hair colour and make your hair brittle and dry,” advises Clarabelle.


Be more mindful 

In general, just be more mindful about your hair if you’re going swimming try to keep it in a bun. “You can also use a conditioner before going in the pool and rinse it afterwards with some soda,” suggests Clarabelle.


What’s celebrity hairstylist Clarabelle’s secret hair mask recipe?

“I like to do a hair pack to maintain its softness and shine. Some banana, coconut cream and honey emulsify them on your hand by rubbing your palms together before applying it to your hair. Leave it on for an hour before washing it off,” reveals Clarabelle.