Kohl-Rimmed Eyes Are Making A Comeback For Pujo


Kohl-Rimmed Eyes Are Making A Comeback For Pujo

By Khanak Mehta  


With Indian goddesses often being depicted as classical beauties, it is no surprise we take inspiration from them when getting ready for the festive season. While a lightly smoked out kajal makes for a great everyday look, you can take things up a notch with a bold look for Pujo, just like goddess Durga.


Getting the perfect winged eyeliner feels super intimidating – after all, we do *somewhat* believe in the lore that your eyeliner can smell fear. But we've got an expert with us to help you out. 

Keep reading to know how celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni created this look for Tata CLiQ Palette and her ultimate trick to perfect your statement winged eyeliner. 

Rule #1: Keep it matte 

A matte, full-coverage base is your makeup BFF for a bold, impactful eye look and turns up the glam factor. Unfortunately, there’s a chance it can play a disappearing act on you very quickly due to heat and humidity



You need to learn how to set your base with powder,” says Namrata. “A loose, colourless translucent powder is a must. Use it with a powder puff, because a brush doesn’t really set your makeup. Pick up a little powder, blend it on the back of your hand, and then apply it on your undereye area, T-zone, and around the mouth – wherever there is a lot of movement when you’re talking. Go over the rest of your skin with whatever is left on the sponge,” she suggests.

Rule #2: Layer them up 

The tropical weather calls for investing in a few layers for your eye makeup. “I like to do the outline of my eyeliner with a thin liner brush first. I start with the wing and create the shape on both the sides to make sure that the angles are correct. Then, I join it from the middle to the outer section. This helps me get a clean, steady line, which I can fill in with a gel liner, eye pencil, or eyeshadow,” she advises. 


If youve got hooded eyes, the pro suggests sticking to a straight eyeliner shape instead. “The more you try to angle it, the less it will show. Otherwise, when you open your eyes, it will just look like a thick line,” she explains.

Rule #3: Tons of texture 

It can be tempting to pull your hair back into a clean girl-style bun to keep your eyes as the focus for this look. But it can quickly end up looking flat or oily. Namrata suggests tackling this by leaving a few loose tendrils around your face, close to your temples, for a softer look. “Another way to add texture is by dividing your hair into four sections on each side. Twist them and pin them together into a ponytail, and then a bun. You can then add roses or gajra to finish your look,” she explains.