Hyaluronic acid for your hair? Here’s an expert’s verdict


Hyaluronic acid for your hair? Here’s an expert’s verdict

Hyaluronic acid for your hair? Here’s an expert’s verdict

Shammi Mondal 


Gone are the days when hyaluronic acid strictly adhered to skincare, now the moisture boosting ingredient is actively marking its space in the haircare territory. If you have dry hair and have yet to use a hyaluronic acid product in your haircare regimen, this is one ingredient you’ll want to seek out.


We checked in with wellness expert and dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi to tell you more about your favourite skincare ingredient and its benefits for your hair.


What is hyaluronic acid? 

“Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means, it absorbs water from the atmosphere and retains moisture to your skin or hair,” says Dr Kiran Sethi. 

The ingredient can hold 1000 times more water than its weight, which is why it is a great hydrating agent.


Can it be used on hair?  

“Yes, hyaluronic acid can be used for your hair lengths and your scalp as it retains moisture, the ingredient takes care of dryness, frizz and improves the overall feel of your hair,” says Dr Kiran, 


Who can apply hyaluronic?  

“All hair types can effectively apply the ingredient on their hair, but people with frizzy, brittle and dry hair would benefit most from it,” says Dr Kiran.  

If you have colour treated or damaged hair, using hyaluronic acid would help improve its texture.  


What should you look out for?  

A lot of hair care products like shampoos and conditioners have sodium hyaluronate (a composition of hyaluronic acid) as one of their key ingredients. “But you still can apply a HA serum that is meant for skincare on your hair lengths. I wouldn’t advise using it on your scalp directly,” says Dr Kiran.


How should you apply it on your hair? 

Just like your skin you must have something for the ingredient to hold onto, so that it doesn’t paradoxically draw moisture from your hair instead of replenishing it with hydration.   

“If you have a dry scalp and apply hyaluronic acid directly it might make your scalp sticky, instead apply the serum and layer it with coconut oil and let it sit for an hour before you wash it off,” says Dr Kiran.  


“You can also mix your HA serum with your conditioner or hair mask and apply it to the lengths of your hair. Make sure you apply it on damp hair,” recommends Dr Kiran.