The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Concealers That Every Girl Needs


The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Concealers That Every Girl Needs

By Anupriya Jamuar 


If there is a magic wand in the world of beauty, then it has got to be a concealer. Single handily the most versatile makeup product, a concealer can be used for an array of things. From hiding the evidence of your sleepless nights to masking untimely blemishes to brightening and contouring your face, is there something a concealer can’t do? We think not. Its that one staple product everyone should have in their vanity. But the versatility of this makeup product also brings a lot of questions like how to use a concealer, why use it, what are the different types and what are the different ways you can use it in?


Before you get overwhelmed with the choices, scroll through our guide on concealers that you didn’t know you want but really need. Let’s dive in!


What are the different benefits and uses of concealer?

To know how to use a concealer, you first need to understand the uses and benefits of concealers.

  1. Hides acne and dark spots: Unlike foundations, concealers have fuller coverage which allows it to camouflage your blemishes, active acne, or tiny unwanted eyebrow hair that you forgot to tweeze.
  2. Brightens your under-eyes: It hides the evidence of tiredness and makes you appear more awake. You can also use a concealer to highlight your face.
  3. Gives a sleek base: On days when putting foundations seems a bit too much, using concealer to spot conceal and then blending the rest on your face gives you even toned skin without much effort.
  4. Gives you a facelift: Concealers are great to shape your eyebrows and lift your eyes for that supermodel angular face look. Think of it as a backstage pro artist trick.
  5. Priming and prepping: It helps keep your lipsticks from bleeding out. You can also contour your lips with a concealer to give it that two-toned look.

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How to use concealer: Finding your right shade 

One of the common mistakes with concealers is not knowing how to pick the right shade. Often, we reach for a shade lighter than our skin tone, which may not work. Here is how you select the right shade:


1. If you’re concealing the under-eye area then be sure to go no more than a shade lighter. Going too light, or too yellow or too peachy will only make your concealer stand out instead of blending in.

2. For your blemishes, choose the exact shade of concealer as your skin tone. Otherwise, it will make the blemish stand out more, drawing attention to it rather than away from it.


3. When selecting shades, keep your undertones in mind. Look for pink undertones if you’re light toned. Similarly, look for peachy undertones for medium skin tone and red or orange for deeper, olive skin tones.

How to use concealer: Getting started 

The most important rule of makeup is to always start with a clean base. This has an impact on the finish of your final makeup looks. Start with cleansing your face with a gentle face wash and go in with your skincare first to prep your skin. This will ensure you have hydrated skin and it will give you that no-makeup makeup look all our favourite Bollywood actors are loving right now.


After you’re done with your skincare, apply a face primer before going in with your concealer. This will ensure your concealer stays in place and lasts longer. It also ensures that sebum, or your skin’s texture is not hindering the concealer application and it goes on smoothly.


How to use concealer to create a smooth base? 

On days when a foundation feels like too much work, a concealer can save your energy while giving you that similar look. Instead of going full coverage, only spot conceal your face wherever you need.


Generally, you need it under your eyes, around the corners of your nose and mouth if you have any hyperpigmentation there, and anywhere else you need to conceal a blemish. Then use a soft sponge or a brush to lightly blend it all over your face. This will give you an even-toned skin without having to apply too much product.


P.S: Don’t forget to set your concealer in place with a setting powder.


How to use a concealer with tinted moisturiser? 

If you want to get ready quickly or you want your skin to look natural, then using a concealer with a tinted moisturiser is the ultimate hack.


Instead of foundation, apply your favourite tinted moisturiser to get an even-toned base and then spot conceal any areas where you need additional coverage with a concealer. Best thing here is that you can blend it all with your fingers.


Here are some tinted moisturisers you should try for a flawless base:

How to use concealer for your under eyes?

Whether you’re using the triangle method to conceal and lift your eyes or going the OG 2016 YouTuber way, concealers sure cover those under eye bags. Dot a cream concealer under your eyes before blending it out with a concealer brush or your damp beauty sponge. Make sure to slowly build up the product instead of applying too much at once. Add on more if you feel like you need more coverage and don’t forget to set it with a setting powder in the end.


P.S: For those stubborn dark circles, apply a colour corrector first before applying your concealer. This will help you cancel out the darkness.


Also, did you know that you can also use concealers not only for your under eyes but also to shape your eyebrows?


Concealers are like erasers, so not only can you use a concealer to hide your dark spots, but you can also conceal those rebellious eyebrow hairs you forgot to tweeze. Just use your concealer wand to border the area under your brows and shape them how you want it before blending it outwards with a soft brush.


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How to apply concealer to accentuate your pout? 

Do you want that lip filler effect without actually getting lip fillers? Blur your natural lip line with concealer and blend it inwards towards your lips. Then use a lip liner to draw your lip line, over draw it just a hint to get a fuller effect. Then layer on your lipstick as usual.


You can also create an Ombre lip using a little concealer as well. Dab concealer at the centre of your lips and blend it outwards, then go in with a lighter shade of lipstick to achieve an Ombre effect.


How to contour your face with a concealer? 

Another great benefit of concealers is that they can also be used to shape and chisel your face. A concealer stick is a shade or two darker than your skin tone should do the trick.


Apply it directly to the hollows of your cheekbone as you would normally apply your contour. Then blend it out and set it with some translucent powder to set the cream product in place. This will give you that natural looking contoured cheeks.

How to use concealer: Common mistakes to avoid 

In order to perfect your concealer game, here are some commonly made mistakes you should avoid with your concealer:

  • Choosing a shade too light. Instead go for the shade closet to your skin tone.
  • Not selecting the right undertone of concealer
  • Applying too much at once, giving a very cakey effect
  • Rubbing it so much so that it displaces the product. Only pat and dab lightly to blend.
  • Not blending it into the surrounding areas of your face for an even look
  • Not realising that different areas of your face need different concealer shades
  • Not setting the concealer with setting powder

There you go, all set to conceal and contour your face like a pro!

Get your burning queries answered


Q. Should my concealer shade be lighter or darker? 
- Match your concealer shade to your skin tone to hide your blemishes and go a shade lighter for your under eyes.


Q. How do I find my concealer shade? 
- Pro makeup artists suggest doing swatch tests on your cheek or jawline to match the shade. Alternatively, you can also swatch it on the inside of your wrists.


Q. Can I use a concealer without applying foundation? 
- Yes, if you want a more natural finish just spot conceal using your concealer and blend the rest of it on your face.