Meet The Bixie: The Hottest Hair Cut Trend For This Season


Meet The Bixie: The Hottest Hair Cut Trend For This Season

By Khanak Mehta 


With the Y2K trend continuing to take over our feeds and ‘90s makeup staples like brown lipsticks seeing a major comeback, is it really a surprise that a familiar look from a few decades ago is once again making the rounds? Yes, we’re talking about the bixie. This short crop is a combination of the beloved bob and pixie and lies somewhere right in the middle of them. Basically, it’s too long to be a pixie but too short to be a bob—you get where we’re going with this.


If you’ve lately been considering a shorter style, this haircut may be the ideal way to give it a test run. Its unique length offers that sweet spot for those who want to cut their hair short but don’t want to deal with the maintenance and styling hassles that come with it.


This cut is also easy to style, and you can choose to either add texture or smooth out the front pieces that are a little longer. If you have fine hair, invest in a texturizing spray to add volume and prevent your hair from looking flat. If you have thick, voluminous hair, get yourself a styling cream to keep your hair in place all day.


It’s also best to consult your stylist before getting this haircut—while it can work on all hair types and face shapes, this style is particularly suited for those with fine to medium-textured hair. Also, much like this 90s style that has been reinterpreted for 2022, don’t be afraid to work with your stylist and put your own spin on it to suit your preferences. Maybe you want to replace the spiky layers with some feathery ones, or have a little more volume up at the top. After all, hybrid styles are in right now, and there’s nothing like creating something that’s uniquely yours.


Keep in mind these golden rules when caring for your new short cut.


1. Wash your hair frequently to keep it from looking oily. 

2. Avoid heat styling daily to stave off heat damage. 

3. Consider letting your hair air dry and using your fingers to style it for a natural look. 

4. Keep your cut looking fresh with regular salon visits. 

5. For added shine, finish your shampooing and conditioning routine with cold water. 

6. Invest in the right hair care products for your new haircut—here are some of our favourites!