5 Scalp Serums To Help You Meet Your Hair Goals


5 Scalp Serums To Help You Meet Your Hair Goals


By Trisha Chawla  
Your shampoo does the hard work to cleanse your scalp of impurities. But if you’re looking at achieving healthier hair from the root (literally!), say hello to scalp serums.  
Think of these as tiny boosters to your hair care routine that can target everything from excess sebum levels to hair fall–just like an in-salon spa or facial. And because your scalp is nothing but skin, these targeted treatments can be the crowning glory of your regimen and transform your hair over time.  
Ready for your first scalp facial? Find one for your hair goals here: 
Goal: Grease Lightening  
A blend of 5 lightweight essential oils, cooling peppermint and grease-fighting fireweed make this the perfect fit to reduce your scalp’s sebum levels. Apply it on a dry scalp in between your hair wash days to balance it with regular usage The gel texture absorbs instantly without weighing your hair down for an instant refresh.  

Goal: Long & Strong 
Got healthier, shinier and thicker hair on your mind? This formulation of vitamin B, pea sprout, aloe vera and red onion extracts will nourish your scalp and boost hair growth. Leave it on overnight and rinse away the next morning–pea sprout will strengthen hair follicles with its antioxidant properties while onions that are rich in natural sulphur will help prevent breakage, split ends and thinning.  

Goal: No More Itch-itch! 
A few drops of this leave-in serum are all you need to fight off dry flakes or dandruff that sit on your scalp. Featuring ginger, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it blocks the production of pro-inflammatory proteins in the body that cause itchiness and pain.  

Goal: Wish To Nourish 
Is your scalp feeling clogged and heavy? Count on this energizing tonic to exfoliate dead skin cells and boost blood circulation to your scalp. Simply apply it before your shower, leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse for maximum nourishment and healthier hair growth.  

Goal: Hydration Nation 
You’ve used hyaluronic acid and lactic acid on your skin. This pre-wash serum brings the power of both these sacred skincare actives to your scalp.  The former hydrates your dry scalp while the latter has exfoliating properties to get rid of environmental and product build-up.