7 Fragrances That Won’t Ghost You At A Party


7 Fragrances That Won’t Ghost You At A Party

7 Fragrances That Won’t Ghost You At A Party

By Anupriya Jamuar


The season of going out and staying up way past the after party is here and you’re all geared up for it. You’ve got your outfit for the night, your makeup is set, and your hair is done. But you feel like something is missing? 

The easiest way to bring your look together is with a fragrance that sticks with you through the night, making heads turn and lingering on your skin even after a dance sesh. These handpicked fragrances are the perfect wing woman when you need a night of partying and fun. 


Skinn by Titan Nude Eau de Perfum

The opening notes of sweet lychee and deep bergamot leaves a sparkling scent on you. Mixed with the light, sensual notes of roses and violets, this perfume is perfect for a midnight summer party.


Paco Rabanne Black XS Eau de Parfum 


For the women who loves little black dresses and rebellion. The deep notes of hellebore rose and black violet blends into a sensual scent when mixed with black vanilla and massola wood, perfect for the nights you want to feel free.


Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal! Eau de Parfum

Think scandalous, think diva, think Marlyn Monroe walking down the stair in her iconic orange dress. The sensual blend of raspberry and tuberose makes you feel like you’re at an extravagant ball in Paris.


Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Ribelle Eau de Parfum

A unique blend of floral and woody, the opening notes of energising mandarin and ylang-ylang mixed with the musky scent of sandalwood transports you directly to an exotic beach party.


John Varvatos Classic Eau de Toilette

For the androgenous side of you, this scent opens with the notes of amber, dates and leather and then transitions into more deeper notes of agarwood mixed with caramel and vanilla. The perfect strike of sweet and suave in a bottle.


M.Micallef Secrets Of Love Delice Eau de Parfum 


Indulge in the rice flavour of nutmeg and deep berries all lock into one bottle. Perfect for the nights that start with a lovely dinner and transcends into an adventure.