This 5-step Look Is The Coolest Thing This Winter


This 5-step Look Is The Coolest Thing This Winter

By Anupriya Jamuar 


With the season of sweaters and hot chocolates, are you ready to transition from your hot girl summer to cold girl winter? The latest trend has turn into the new obsession of the beauty world and we must admit, we love a pretty pink flush. Cold girls wear a lot of blush, their skin remains matte with bitten lips and they in general look cold but in a cool, blushing kinda way.


So, if you’ve been a lover of blush throughout this year, cold girl winter is the perfect seasonal blush swap you need from your hot girl summer. Luckily, we’ve gathered all the steps you need to nail the cold girl look. Find out how.


Step 1: Matte thy base 

We all have been loving a dewy foundation moment lately, but in order to look cold, you need a matte base to work with. This will give the illusion that your skin is cold and tight without actually being dry.


Maybelline’s Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation range is a great place to start if you’re looking for a long-lasting, natural finish foundation on a budget.


Step 2: Seal it with setting powder 

Using setting powders to set your base instead of a spray is important as this will ensure your skin looks matte. They also blur fine lines and even out skin texture to give you that softer look that we’re aiming for.


They also come in tinted or translucent types so you can choose depending on your skin tone. Now that our base is looking all matte, let’s move on to the signature step of the cold girl trend.


Step 3: Blush flush 

Use a powder blush and don’t hold back at all. In small, rounded strokes, apply it all over the apples of your cheeks, on your nose bridge and some even on your chin. This will make you look like your skin is flushing from the cold.


P.S - A small insider tip for our dusky skin girlies, use a purple blush instead of a pink one as it will look more natural on your skin. Trust us.


Step 4: Winter bitten lips are the way to go 

While we love a glazed lip moment, but, the cold girl trend is all about that winter-bitten lips paired with pinky cheeks.


To achieve this, we suggest you use the Korean lip techique. Use a lip tint on your lips and blur the edges using your fingers, then use a shade darker in the centre of your lips to make it look poutier and give it that bitten look.


Step 5: A little highlighter to add some shine 

You can stop here but we believe a little highlighter just makes this cold girl look better. Apply it in the inner corners of your eye and on the high points of your face to add some happiness to your skin.


And you’re all done, isn’t this the cutest cold trend of the season? ❄️