Celebrity Makeup Artist Namrata Soni's Tips For Your Festive Makeup


Celebrity Makeup Artist Namrata Soni's Tips For Your Festive Makeup

By Khanak Mehta 

The festive season calls for a makeup overhaul with a splash of vibrant colour. It’s the perfect excuse for you to experiment with bright eyeshadow, and flaunt bold eye makeup to add that extra spark to your look.  

We checked in with celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni to create a unique festive makeup look that will make a statement at every wedding party and year-round events.  

Ready to have all eyes on you? 


Cover all your bases 

Protect your base from eyeshadow fallout while doing your makeup. “I start by applying loose powder under the eyes – if there is any fallout, it’s very easy for me to dust it away later”, says Soni. She recommends using one that is smooth and finely milled to avoid build-up on your under-eye area. 


Make your eyes pop 

Picture this: you have just gotten your hands on that colourful eye palette that was on your wish list for the longest time. But the colours just won’t show up!  
The secret to getting full opacity lies in your technique. “I start by tapping off the excess shadow from my brush and applying the colour in the centre of the eyelid, then blending it out. If a fluffy brush isn’t working for you, pick a flat brush to pack in the colour”, she suggests.  


Create a fabu-lash look 

We know that false lashes are an indispensable part of your festive glam look. “To give your eyes a butterfly-like effect, place your false lashes a little higher on the outer corner of your eyes. For a more lifted and dramatic look, cut another lash in half and place it above your first lash strip on the outer corner”, recommends Soni. A volumising mascara will complete your look, helping you merge your natural lashes with the false ones for a seamless effect.