What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Shade Say About You?


What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Shade Say About You?

By Khanak Mehta 


If there’s one makeup must-have that all of us feel incomplete without, it’s our signature shade of lipstick. Yes, we’re talking about the kind that you seem to automatically reach for, every time you’re doing your makeup.  

It’s your ‘comfort colour’, equivalent to that one warm hoodie you love wearing during the peak of winter. A lot of people might wear a similar one, and it may have been a long time since you switched it up, but it still has a special place in your heart.  

Well, we believe that lips don’t lie, and that your go-to shade says a lot about your personality. Keep reading to know what it means. Plus, our team handpicked some ultra-nourishing formulas in your favourite hues, too.


Slick Mauves 

Mauve is a colour that has been associated with decadence, royalty, and power for centuries, thanks to its rarity and the cost of the dye that was originally used to produce it. So, just like your favourite characters from ‘The Crown’ who have often sported this shade, you’re someone who is always two steps ahead of everyone else, including your own to-do list. Your quiet confidence is something everyone admires about you, even though they may initially think you’re reserved and slightly unconventional.


Iconic Reds 

The power of red lipstick is rooted in many pivotal moments throughout history and hence, is not to be taken lightly. It has found a special place in feminist political movements, being sported by American suffragettes and Chilean anti-sexual violence protestors alike. It’s no surprise then that much like them, you’re quite independent and very vocal about what you want. You are also passionate, ambitious, and not afraid to stand out.


Pretty In Pinks 

This shade has long been linked with femininity and its associated qualities like warmth, softness, kindness, and compassion. Just like our favourite on-screen icon Elle Woods who was loyal to this shade, you are the trusted confidante for your friend. Underneath your calm exterior, you are quite bubbly, energetic, and playful – but it takes some time for people to get to see this side of you.


Cool Corals 

A coral shade is one that many nude lipstick devotees see as a steppingstone towards experimenting with bolder shades – after all, it blends the feminine qualities of pink with the energy and optimism of bright orange. So, if your look is incomplete without a pop of coral lipstick, it’s safe to say that you are someone who embodies the best of both worlds – being both outgoing and laid back, or happy binge-watching shows at home or staying out till 4 AM on a Saturday night.


Classic Nudes 

Nude colours are a universally liked, staple choice for many, and hence it has been associated with order, symmetry and gentleness. Even though many may think that it is a modest and subtle shade, you could care less. You’re confident in who you are and nothing in the world can change that – and this self-assuredness is something your friends and family love about you. Even though you tend to march to the beat of your own drum, you’re very genuine and calm, and always there for those who need you.