Turn Up The Volume & Texture With These Editor-Favourite Hair Clays


Turn Up The Volume & Texture With These Editor-Favourite Hair Clays

By Khanak Mehta


While there’s nothing like a fresh haircut to mark the beginning of some good hair days, sometimes life gets in the way, and you miss out on the appointment you had fixed with your stylist. Or you just want to switch up your look once in a while – we get it! While using a hair pomade can be an easy way to do this, you may want a formula that gives you more hold without the shine.


This is where hair clays come in – these formulas have a more matte finish, which means that you can use as much as you want without ending up with super shiny hair. This is thanks to the formula being infused with clays like bentonite or kaolin, which absorb the sebum created by your scalp that clings onto your strands. Moreover, they can even provide a better hold as compared to pomades, which makes them ideal to pull off that messy, bedhead look and keep it in place all day long.


Take a look at our top picks that deserve a spot in your grooming routine.


Man Arden Black Professional Styling Hair Matte Clay

Promising a medium to high hold, this formula from Man Arden is the one for you if you have very thick hair that needs a powerful product. It also lends a slightly glossy finish, which is ideal if you like a more matte but not totally flat look. A little goes a long way with hair clays, so remember to start off with a little bit and work your way up. 


Beardo Hair Clay Wax Strong Hold

High on hold and low on shine, Beardo’s formula keeps your hair looking natural and retains its texture throughout the day. Ideal for thin, fine hair, it will keep any style in place. Just make sure that you set it right the first time, because it doesn’t have a very reworkable hold. This does make it a great companion for sweaty, sporty days, though! 



Wax. Matt-Clay

If you regularly apply heat to your hair, this clay is the best add-on for your routine. The liquid wax base works best when slightly warmed and delivers a matte finish with a slightly reworkable, medium hold. It really gives you the best of both worlds - extra volume and texture, but also the flexibility to restyle your hair throughout the day. 



Texture Clay

Moroccanoil is known for their nourishing products that work overtime without damaging the hair - which is perfect if you’re someone with rough or dull hair. Since hair clay is mattifying, it can sometimes leave your hair feeling a little dry. Thankfully, this formula has a hydrating mix of argan oil and shea butter that gives your hair some extra TLC. Use it on slightly damp hair for best results. 


Groomd Hair Styling Clay for Natural Texture & Matte Finish

Are you someone who is always on the go and in a new city every week? Then this formula from Groomd is just the right pick for you. While this clay gives your hair an excellent hold while being ultra-lightweight, we love that you don’t need a shampoo to wash it off – just water will do the trick! This helps shave precious minutes off your hair care and styling routine, which we know you always appreciate.