6 Face Masks For Men That Really Do Work


6 Face Masks For Men That Really Do Work

By Shammi Mondal


There are good days and bad days and then there are days when you’ve used a face mask and the world (your skin too) feels a little better. And why not, masks don’t just help conquer your skin concerns but also give you a chance to care for yourself while making you feel relaxed 

There are plentiful of options for face masks of men to choose from, but here are 6 of our picks that most definitely work.  


Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Pack 

Whether you want to get rid of that stubborn acne, treat that irritating rash or need an antiseptic for your wound, Man Arden’s anti-acne neem face pack is the answer. Loaded with anti-septic and calming ingredients like the aloe, kaolin clay and the mighty neem that help in soothing your skin, even out the bumps and treat any mild rashes.


mcaffeine Espresso Coffee Face Mask with Natural AHA, BHA 

For dull and textured skin mCaffeine’s Expresso coffee face mask is therapeutic. Combine the re-energizing aroma of an espresso and the goodness of an AHA and BHA mask together and be sure of getting smooth and glowing skin for starters. The AHA & BHA in the mask gently exfoliate your skin and minimize the bumps on your skin.  


MensXP Mud Vitamin Boost Yellow Clay Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid 

We know there are special days when you want your skin to be bright and clean, but it certainly does not listen to you. MenXp’s Mud Vitamin Boost Yellow Clay Face Mask is made especially for those days. Infused with the goodness of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and cherry extract, is fully loaded to draw impurities out, give your skin the brightness and hydration for the D’ day.


Earth Rhythm Superfood Face Masque 

Derived from a magical sea-plant, Blue Spirulina and squalene, Earth Rhytm’s Superfood Face Masque is one ultra-hydrating mask that genuinely pumps moisture into your skin. Ideal for dry skin, the formulation of the mask is such that it also helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a bonus the creamy texture of this mask is non messy and hassle free.


Ustraa De Tan Face Mask for Oily Skin 

Want to get rid of the uneven tan but dread the application of curd and turmeric because they make your skin oily. Ustra’s De tan Face mask is happy to help. A power-packed blend of kaolin, Volcanic and Green clay which efficiently help in improving your skin tone, removing excessive oiliness off your pores and reducing any skin irritations, all of this while de-tanning your face.  Amazing right!


Beardo Turmeric Clay Mask For Men 

If youre troubled by the stubborn black heads that sit right on top of your nose and oiliness bothers you, turn to the Beardo Turmeric Clay Mask. It’s got active ingredients like bentonite clay, turmeric and aloe that serve the exact needs of your skin. It pulls out the gunk off your pores (including blackheads), clears oiliness and heals any active acne on your skin. For the price range this product is an absolute delight to use.