Trending Now: Fresh, Citrus Fragrances For A Boost Of Dopamine


Trending Now: Fresh, Citrus Fragrances For A Boost Of Dopamine

Did you know that the key to happiness is lying right under your nose? Yes, you read that right. While manifesting lots of happiness can work, so can fresh, citrus scents – these compositions can help boost serotonin, your happy hormone, and reduce norepinephrine, the stress hormone. Plus, they smell incredible, so what more could you want? 


Take some notes 

When choosing a fragrance, you can either pick a composition that pairs two or more distinct fragrance families together, or one that is a purely fresh or citrus fragrance. In either case, keep an eye out for these notes that will bring a smile to your face. 

Orange: Pure, sweet citrus with an edge of bitterness 

Mandarin: Bright, green, and sweet 

Lemon: Tangy and sour with a sweet undertone 

Lime: Light, sweet, and juicy 

Bergamot: Tart, bitter and green 

Grapefruit: Bitter and sweet yet refreshing 


Make it last 

We know that making your fragrance last all day long can feel like a total struggle. But all you need to do is make the right choice – case in point, pick eau de parfums over eau de toilettes. With up to 20-25% fragrance oil concentrate, eau de parfums are known to last longer. Be on the lookout for floral notes like jasmine and tuberose in the composition as well, as they can help avoid your fragrance from playing a total disappearing act.