Ace Date-Night Beauty With Namrata Soni


Ace Date-Night Beauty With Namrata Soni

By Khanak Mehta


Roses are red, violets are blue and if your Valentine's Day glam squad is a party of one, we’ve got you! We managed to snag an extra-special date with celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni ahead of Valentine’s Day and asked her to show us her fresh take on a makeup look that will steal some hearts, even if it’s just yours! If you want to skip the classic red lip and try something fun yet romantic, this one is for you.  


Cover all your bases 

We know that every good relationship has a solid foundation—and in this case, Soni suggests starting with an eye base to make your eyeshadow pop. “Nothing works better than a concealer. Use a neutral one that has no colour tone to it, so that it doesn’t change the colour of your eyeshadow,” says the expert.  

You should wait for about 30 seconds after applying your concealer to deposit your eyeshadow over it, to avoid any patchiness and get full opacity.  


Blend the rules 

While nudes and reds are timeless, cupid-approved hues, Namrata suggests experimenting with lilacs and pinks for a bolder take. She recommends the Profusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette in Spectrum, which boasts of ultra-pigmented rainbow shades that will sweep you off your feet. Bonus: If your V-day date involves RSVPing to a video call instead of a restaurant, the colours on the eyes will make a statement on-screen, too.


“Start by applying a lilac shade in the inner corners of your eyes and slowly build it up. Deposit a bright pink shade in the middle, and finish with a mauve-y pink shade in the outer corner,” says Soni. This reverse, three-toned gradient creates a halo effect on the eyes. For a smokey effect, blend a deep purple on the lower lash line. 


Make ‘em blush 

Just like we feel incomplete without our better halves (even if that’s a glass of merlot!) this makeup look needs some finishing touches, too. Add lots of mascara and sweep on a dusty rose blush that keeps the focus on the eyes.


Add a golden highlight for that date-night worthy glow, and seal it all with a kiss of nude lipstick. “It’s about adding a little balance to the eyes, I like to concentrate on one feature on the face,” explains Namrata. “To avoid looking washed-out, layer it with a pink lipstick to add warmth and top it off with a gloss in the centre of the lips,” she adds.