How To Create Your Own Unique Scent


How To Create Your Own Unique Scent

How To Create Your Own Unique Scent

By Rajiv Sheth


Wearing more than one perfume at a time can seem illogicalwhy would you disguise a scent you bought for its singular appeal? And yet, perfume experts around the globe are now talking about layering fragrances. So we decided to explore the hows and whys of creating your own fragrance mixes.


What’s perfume layering? 

Choosing a perfume is an intuitive process—you pick a fragrance, say thorough a tester or after appreciating it on a friend. Layering takes this process one step further. It’s an intuitive way to create an entirely unique bespoke scent and ensure that you smell great all day. 

Mixing different perfumes together can be a fun, innovative practice. Try spritzing a fruity perfume with a floral one for a refreshing result. Alternatively, mixing a classic woody perfume with a spicy scent makes a wonderfully earthy combination.


How to layer your scent 


Besides the notes, you can also layer based on formulations—an eau de parfum over an eau de toilette (EDT) to ensure that the fragrance lasts longer. You can even consider different product categories which have similar fragrances and apply them at different times. For instance, start with a scented body wash, follow it up with a body cream, then spray some mist and finally apply an EDT, all from the same fragrance family.


The only rule is no rules 


Fragrance selection and appreciation is an entirely personal experience. No one can tell you which perfumes, when put together, will work for you. That’s why it is essential to play around with your fragrances. Sometimes we want to smell glamorous and other times, fresh. You can work with complementary notes such as fresh-floral-fruity, spicy-woody, or contrasting notes. 
For instance, if you feel your regular floral scent is too light, try spritzing a bit of your partner’s spicy cologne to make it a little zestier. Let your fragrance be an expression of your playful, creative side.