Cracking The Brow Code


Cracking The Brow Code

By Shammi Mondal 


Brows are an essential part of any beauty routine. They can subtly refine your appearance and give your face a defined shape. If you’re looking to achieve the right shape and volume for your brows, rely on the arsenal of different brow formulas in store. They can fill in gaps, fluff it up, and even deepen the colour. Here’s our guide to choosing the right brow formula based on your needs 


Eyebrow pencils  

The most basic eyebrow grooming product, an eyebrow pencil is a solid pigment in the form of a pencil that is used to shape your brows and slightly fill in any sparse areas. Some even have a spoolie at the end to help you brush and shape your eyebrow. 

Best for: Those with sparse brows. If you need to give your brows an outline or want to define uneven brows, then eyebrow pencils are the right tools for you. 
Get the look: Comb your brow upwards using the spoolie to reveal its natural shape. Then, hold your eyebrow pencil diagonally and fill your eyebrows using short, light-handed strokes. Focus on areas that have sparse hair growth.


Eyebrow powders 

These soft, finely milled powder pigments are available in various shades to match the natural colour of your brows. They also help in setting cream-based eyebrow products, like a pomade or a gel. 

Best for: Those who want to achieve a full yet subtle look. However, if you have dry or flaky eyebrows, brow powders might make them drier.  
Get the look: Pick up an eyebrow powder and an angled brush. Begin by coating your brush with the product and dab it on the back of your hand before applying it on your eyebrows. Then, lightly sweep the brush in the direction of your hair growth. Go over the sparse areas for added coverage.


Eyebrow pomade 

This is the secret to bold brows. A pomade has a hardened, cream-like consistency and is generally packaged in a pot. This long-lasting formula is packed with pigment, great for filling up sparse areas, while also giving a certain amount of hold to your brows.  

Best for: Those with sparse brows will love a pomade as it is rich in colour and stays in place for a very long time. Like the brow pencil it fills in the brows but with more pigment It also has a subtle hold that keeps your brow hair in place.

Get the look: You will need your pomade and a fine-angled brush (a dual-ended brush with a spoolie works best). Now remember, when working with an eyebrow pomade, ‘less is more.’ Lightly coat your brush with the product and begin by drawing gentle hair-like strokes in the sparse areas. You can also outline the tail of your brows and buff it with a spoolie.

Eyebrow gel:  Of all the eyebrow products, a brow gel offers the quickest and easiest way to add fullness, colour and shape to your brows. It generally has a semi-liquid consistency while some brow gels have additional fibres that provide extra hold and give your brows a thicker look.  
Best for: Anyone who is looking for an on-the-go eyebrow grooming product. Eyebrow gels are especially useful if you have thick, unruly eyebrows. 
Get the look: Use the spoolie wand of your eyebrow gel to first comb your brow in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Then, coat each strand with the gel using light-handed, upward strokes to add definition to your brows. This technique will give your brows a fuller look.

Eyebrow wax: Defying gravity and setting your eyebrows in place for the whole day is not a problem for this one. If you’ve been watching the soap brow trend, you already know what we’re talking about. Eyebrow waxes are stronger, colourless versions of brow gels, available in a solid soap form. 
Best for: Those looking to tame unruly brows that grow in all possible directions. Eyebrow waxes can also help you achieve a feathered brow look. 
Get the look: Spray water or a face mist on your brow wax to soften its consistency. Then, gently rub the bristles of your spoolie and coat it with the wax. Using the spoolie, comb your brow hair in an upward direction and begin setting the hair in the shape you want. Make sure you start by applying less product and gradually add more.