Body Sunscreens To Stock Up On For Summer Based on Your Skin Type


Body Sunscreens To Stock Up On For Summer Based on Your Skin Type

By Trisha Chawla

You’re ready to pack your bags for your beach vacay. Or step out for a sunny brunch with the girls. The spirits are high in summer, but so are the heat levels. And the overhead sun only means one thing–you’ve got to load up on the sunscreen not just for your face, but also your body. These new age textures promise to shield your skin from UV rays without feeling sticky or leaving behind a white cast.

Turn your skin protection game on with these body sunscreens that you can pick for your skin type.

Balanced Skin 
This cloud-like body oil comes in an easy to apply spray bottle and is packed with lightweight argan oil to hydrate while it protects your skin.

Sensitive Skin 
A combination of three UV filters called uvinul T150, avobenzone and octocrylene, this body lotion does all the heavy lifting to shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Oily Skin  
If your favourite team is playing in the afternoon, try this fast-absorbing, matte finish sunscreen that won’t leave a slick while it shields your skin.

Dry Skin 
With a combination of two ayurvedic ingredients, madhuyashti (honeycomb extracts) and manjishta (Indian madder), this sunscreen boasts of a secret skincare combination only the Indian royalty would use.