What’s The Best Sunscreen For You


What’s The Best Sunscreen For You

By Anupriya Jamuar 

The season of sipping lemon chillers and floaty summer dresses is here. So while you’re perfecting your beachy waves, don’t forget sunscreen. Trying the first sunscreen you spot or stealing your friend’s might not always work for you. This is because each sunscreen is formulated for different needs and skin types.   

So before you step out (even when you’re not on vacation) protect your skin first. Here, Dr Jaishree Sharad, one of the country’s leading dermatologists, offers advice on common sunscreen queries to help you find the right summer buddy for your skin.  


Find your sunscreen 

There are physical, chemical and mineral sunscreens—physical and mineral sunscreens are often used interchangeably as well. Each of these sunscreens differs from the other in how they protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Both physical and mineral sunscreens protect the skin by acting as a ‘physical’ shield and scattering the rays of the sun. On the other hand, the filters in a chemical sunscreen absorbs the rays to protect your skin.


Q. What is the difference between physical and mineral sunscreens? 
“The difference is that mineral sunscreens are made of finer, micronised particles, says Dr Jaishree. Also, physical sunscreens tend to leave a whitish layer on your skin, while mineral sunscreens do not. This whitish layer could be bothersome for darker skin tones.


Q. What must one consider when choosing a sunscreen?  
“Always look for SPF, PA, and ingredients like iron oxide, which also protects you from infrared rays along with UVA and UVB,” says Dr Jaishree.


Q. What do you recommend?  
“You should opt for mineral sunscreens, especially after getting any kind of skin treatments, like lasers or chemical peels, or any kind of procedure involving exfoliation, explains Dr Jaishree. “If you have sensitive skin or are pregnant, you should definitely use a mineral sunscreen,” advises Dr Jaishree.