You Hair Oil Guide For Long Lustrous Locks


You Hair Oil Guide For Long Lustrous Locks

By Shammi Mondal


If you’ve been wondering, when you’ll have that shampoo commercial-esque long and lustrous hair, we’ve got you covered. While hair growth is not a simple game, and nothing will magically give you Rapunzel’s long hair overnight, there are a few practices that will create ideal conditions for your hair growth. A healthy diet and a good hair care ritual will help you get closer to the long hair of your dreams, and the best growth hair oil suited for your needs will speed up the process. 


Why you need to oil your hair?


Massaging your hair with oils or doing a champi is a weekly Sunday tradition passed down in all Indian families that it may almost seem like second nature. You could be doing it to hydrate your hair, care of for your scalp, but if your goals is to boost hair growth it is important to identify oils with those benefits. 


Wondering how hair oil can improve your hair growth?


Keeps your scalp hydrated 

A head massage not only ensures fast hair growth, but also keeps your scalp moisturised and healthy. A balanced and hydrated scalp will help you reach your goals much quicker.


Nourishes your strands 

If you have damaged, chemically treated or extremely dry hair, a hair oil will be your saviour. A regular oil treatment will help protect your mane from external damage while conditioning it. This reduces breakage, prompting fast hair growth.


Stimulates hair growth 

A weekly massage with the best hair oil for hair growth and hair fall will help boost blood circulation on the scalp and bring in the nutrients to the hair roots. This acts like a stress buster while improving hair growth. 



Now that you understand how hair oils can help growth, check out some of our top picks for you

1. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth & Hair Fall Control - 250 ml
Rich in sulphur and potassium, red onions have been known to strengthen your roots and promote hair growth. This hair oil is infused with the goodness of onions which greatly strengthens your hair, making is the best hair oil for hair growth.

2. Plum Onion & Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil - 100 ml
Bhringraj is the hero haircare ingredient that can substantially improve your overall hair health. And this hair oil is best for hair growth, it not only supplements hair growth but is also known to help reduces premature greying hair. Massage your scalp with this oil and wash it off after 45 minutes to an hour.

3. Essentia Extracts Hair Growth Oil - 100 ml
If you’re a hair oiling enthusiast, we’re sure you must’ve heard about black seed oil or kalaunji ka tel. Infused with the goodness of black seed oil, it basically provides your hair an anchor and prevents it from falling. It also conditions your hair and improves it’s shine and has anti-bacterial properties. It’s lightweight, non-sticky texture and a mineral-oil free formulation makes it one of the best hair growth oils.

4. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Thailam Intensive Hair Treatment - 50 ml
You’ve surely heard a million praises about this one, and they’re all true. You can use it as a treatment for dandruff, a measure to rescue hair fall or for a simple de-stressing head massage. This hair oil has a rich texture, a herbal scent and promises prominent results.

Spilling some more hair growth details 


Finding the hair oil best for hair growth is not difficult if you know what to look out for on the label. 

The right formula must deep condition your hair, hydrate your scalp, promote hair growth and are the best companions to avoid damaged and dull-looking hair.


Here are six ingredients that will help you in your hair growth journey:

  1. Black seed oil
  2. Bhringraj oil
  3. Rosemary oil
  4. Aamla oil
  5. Castor oil
  6. Coconut oil

Here are some more hair oils that will solve your hair growth woes.

Picking the best hair oil for hair growth


These are effortless steps that will help you navigate through the journey of picking he best oil for hair growth.


Know your hair: Identify whether your hair is fine or coarse, dry or oily. This will help you pick the right type of hair oil. Finer hair needs an oil that is lighter in texture, something that would not weigh it down. If your hair is thick a viscous oil like castor oil will efficiently hydrate it. 


Choose the right ingredients: The ingredients in an oil can make all the difference to how it works on your scalp. Focus on blends that display growth-boosting ingredients (like the ones mentioned above) as the top three on their label. e you focus on choosing the right ingredients for the same.  


Focus on your concerns: Hair growth can only be boosted if your hair and scalp are healthy. Figure out your concerns: whether it is dandruff, or hair fall, or dryness—select a hair oil accordingly. 


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No matter the season, it’s always best to oil to your hair. It does not just feel extra soothing, but it also maintains the health of your hair. You can also warm your hair oil before application also helps the oil penetrate better into your scalp and hair cuticles. If you prefer applying your oil directly from the bottle, you can even use a warm towel after application to envelope your hair and help it absorb the oil better.

You have found the best hair growth oil, but wondering how you should use it? We answer some frequently asked questions

Q. When should I apply hair oil?

There are no rules to the number of times you should oil your hair, but massaging your hair twice a week is advisable. You can either leave it over night or keep it for an hour before hair wash.


Q. Which oil can grow my hair in a week?

Hair growth takes time, patience, a balanced diet, and a hair growth oil that’s best for you. Ingredients like castor oil and coconut oil are known for its hair strengthening properties. Incorporate a hair oil with these ingredients in your haircare routine.


Q. How to fasten hair growth?

Maintain a healthy diet, sleep well and indulge in weekly massages with hair oils to help nourish your scalp and condition your hair.All you need to take the oil, put it onto your hair, and massage it in.