4 Beautiful Hair Colours That Don’t Require Bleaching


4 Beautiful Hair Colours That Don’t Require Bleaching

By Khanak Mehta 


Whether you’re majorly inspired by the pictures on your feed right now or are going through a major life change, a hair colour refresh may be on the cards for the new season. Not only does it give you a new look and leave you feeling ready to take on the world, but the right colour and placement can also bring out your best features and flatter your skin tone.


While there’s usually a give-and-take that happens here – to walk out of the salon with your new hair, you’ve got to put your locks through a bleaching process. When not done correctly, it makes your hair hard, dry, and extra-prone to breakage.


Thankfully, there are some colours that will show up on even the darkest of hair without an intensive bleaching session. So, if you want stress-free tresses, here are four hues that will give help give your hair a total makeover sans any bleach and won’t compromise on the vibrancy either.


Mulled wine


This hair trend took over last winter, but it’s still going strong. Warm hues of red and copper – much like your favourite glass of sangria - are a great option if you want to skip bleach during your hair appointment. Keep in mind that red hair colour in particular bleeds quite a bit, so don’t freak out if you spot some red tones in the water during your next shower. 




Golden, honey highlights are a big trend for 2023. These tones are relatively easier to achieve on dark hair as compared to other pop tones. Plus, since most of us with medium to tan skin tones have a yellow undertone, this hue will help emphasise that and add a warm glow to your face, too. This one in particular is a great pick if you want a visible change, but don’t want to go *too* wild just yet. 


Chestnut brown


This particular shade of brown has a gorgeous caramel undertone that again complements yellow undertones in the skin. While this shade lasts relatively longer than other colours like red, it’s important to keep in mind that heat can contribute towards fading any hue. So, always rinse your hair with cold water and prep your hair with heat protectant formulas before using any heat-based styling tools. 




If you are split between red and blonde tones, why not go for a cinnamon hue? This shade perfectly marries them both, and doesn’t require any bleach to show up, too. This colour, in particular, will make medium to deep complexions pop. Plus, it provides a lot of depth and dimension to your hair, making it perfect for both all-over dye jobs and highlights, too.